Andy Warhol Barbie Doll

The Andy Warhol Barbie Doll was released on 3/4/2016. My main interest in purchasing her doll was the t-shirt and her articulated body.

  This is not exactly an attractive face unless you like the 'deer-in-the-headlight' look and cartoonish eyeshadow. If only I had the skills to do a really nice repaint. I like her hair and she poses very well.

The outfit is fairly low end Mattel but the t-shirt is very cute.

The image inside her box is that of Warhol hanging out in his studio.
Below is a brief video of the doll.

Chalk this one up to a possibly useful impulse buy.  Retail at BC.Com $50.


  1. I can see this doll as being very popular...

  2. For me, she has a sad expresion on her face. I like the previous Warhol doll better.

  3. 50 bucks for this? She is worth 15 tops. And that may be a personal preference thing, but I dont get the point of a Campbell Soup T-shirt at all - Warhol or not.

  4. Edie inspired would have been a better choice IMO.

  5. Think maybe the inspiration is Baby Jane Holzer

  6. I have this doll, too. She looks a lot like the real Edie Sedgewick to me, who was known for her exaggerated eye make up. The right arm and wrist on my doll are very loose and floppy, and I hate that the plastic earrings were stitched onto the coat. I gave my doll real earrings (cheap ones from WalMart). I like this doll, but she's not worth $50.