Wonderful Wonder Woman

Tonner's newest Wonder Woman has been released. This is a gorgeous doll on the 16" heroic body.
2014  Wonder Woman 52     $199.99
When I searched for pictures of Tonner's Wonder Woman dolls, I was surprised that there were so many.
2008 Trunk Set sold by FAO Schwarz
2009 - Deluxe 17" Wonder Woman
2009  8" Tiny Betsy as Wonder Woman
13" Wonder Woman
22" Amazonia
16" Steampunk Wonder Woman
22" Wonder Woman

There are more: Amazon Princess, Amazonian Warrior, Justice Protector, Diana of Themyscira.  I don't know if they are all the same character. I need to study up on my Wonder Women.  The new one is my favorite but the Steampunk one is really adorable.
You can also go to this site:  Wonder Woman Museum.
Dreamcastle Dolls has an amazing reference:  DC Stars.


2014 Barbie℠ Fan Club Membership

Club renewal begins tomorrow, 1/8/14. If you have not been a member in 2013, membership will open on 1/15/14.
Cost $24.95

  • Up to $80 in BarbieCollector.com Online Shop rewards – $20 per calendar quarter*
  • A Barbie Fan Club card case** – your gift with membership (and sent with free shipping)
  • Quarterly “Designer Videos,” sneak peeks at upcoming releases, downloadable goodies, and access to the exclusive Barbie Bulletin Board
  • First access to audio interviews, collector spotlights, Fun Facts, and looks “behind the glam” with the passionate people on the Barbie® Collector team
  • The opportunity to purchase four (4) Club-exclusive dolls, as announced*** (doll purchase is NOT a requirement of membership)

Some sneak peeks at what's in store.

Project Typhoon Haiyan Goods Received

Two of the four items I bid on in the Project Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda Fundraising Auction arrived today. They are both Ashton Drake Gene Marshall dolls.
First is the "Love Paris" Gene doll dressed in the lovely wedding ensemble from the 1995 Gene in Monaco.

Next is the 1998 Creme De Cassis Gene Doll.
Both of these dolls, among other items, were contributed to the auction by the very generous Franklin Lim Liao.

I Wasn't Going To Do It...

Famous last words.
The Tonner virtual factory sale began about 2 hours ago. I took a few looks and in some cases couldn't believe my eyes. The prices on several items had to be at or below wholesale. Perhaps there was only one left...
For example:
Antoinette's Fanciful Outfit was priced at $40! I paid way more for that gown and that pisses me off.
It's not like it's from last year or anything.  
These two new dressed Tiny Kitty dolls are priced at $60. each. That's less than half the discounted price.
Getting even more pissed. My feeling is to never again buy anything Tonner before it's been out for 4 months. I got these two Tiny Kitty dolls on October 18, 2013. That is less than 2 months ago. 


Any dealers who still have these items in stock are screwed. 

There are a few good buys remaining such as the original Glinda, The Good Witch at $95. Although, she's been around for quite a while, her original issue price was over $200. 

As of right now, very few items are sold out.  
Knock yourself out.