This Is Wrong on So Many Levels

I like many anthropomorphic figures but this HUJOO 60CM AMIE creature is just downright weird in my opinion. Could it be the huge breasts or the stance of the figure in the photos?

The wig doesn't help.

And it has a tail.

There's no accounting for differences in taste but if you are so inclined, here's the link for more delightful photos and ordering information.


Junkyspot is also offering another, 2CM smaller, figure. She's a beautiful female with a body that is similar to that of Amie. Her name is Cleopatra.

With faceup, she's $195. 60cm is just under 24"

She's no dog.

Both made of ABS plastic with rubberized joints.

It Pays to Read Reviews!

I'll admit it; I adore the silly pet play sets that Mattel puts out. I don't buy them; I imagine the fun of playing with them.

Today I received a notice from the Mattel Shop of their 20% off Labor Day sitewide sale. I've purchased lots of Monster High items from that shop when they're on sale after comparing prices elsewhere.

So I go to the website and look up the Flippin' Pup Pool and read the one review. The buyer says:

"Disappointed because the ducky floating device and squirting dolphin are molded to doll's body. So doll is useful only for pool play, not for redressing or for other types of Barbie themes."

I'm not convinced I'd have purchased it in the first place but it sure is adorable.  The diving board launches the puppies! OMG 

I'm really 4 years old at heart.



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Toast of Manhattan Wrap-Up

To pick up where I left off...I loved the Winterthur trip and the Broadway show but, seriously, I could have made those optional excursions at any time because of where I live. That decision was on me. Luncheon at the DuPont hotel is probably something I'd never have experienced. It was a nice touch that could have been enhanced by a little background info or tour of the public rooms. The dining room was magnificent.

The Metropolitan Museum's Charles James exhibit was insanely wonderful. I learned so much about the artist and his work.

I was so looking forward to was George Sarofeen's presentation. Something went wrong and it was rescheduled to the next day at a time when I couldn't be there. :-(
His talks have been highlights of prior events for me.

My table mates were the best! (Go Table 6!) Luckily I was able to use credit card miles to pay for the hotel stay which was pretty pricey for a less than nice facility. Maybe I just got a crummy room. I know some people thought the hotel was fine. 

I thought I'd come home with some amazing stuff other than what I purchased and two of the convention gifts, (Tree Ball Gown and Coney Island Cutie.) The other fashions just did not do it for me.  The optional purchases were, for the most part, droolworthy. I purchased four extra fashions and wanted several more.  I have pre-ordered three additional items. During the event, as the cost went up and up, I erased my name from a few pre-order lists.

I am very fond of Sandra. She knows how to put an event together. If you have read any of my past experiences with her conventions, you will know how much I loved them. There is an incredible amount of work and planning that goes into a convention; however, I would like to see less attention focused on the optional sales and more care given to the "gifts" attendees go home with. In my opinion, the stuff given to attendees should be at least equal to the best of the lot.

I am very happy with these Charles James inspired fashions. The first three were optional purchases. 

More in FDQ's next issue.

Player Slayer Tulabelle Doll

Why would I order a doll whose lip sculpt I detest? I love the outfit. Crazy, isn't it? I'll bet there are many out there who have done the same and it's not the first time for me either.

What I don't understand is why can't the Tonner Doll Company do this for $140.?

This doll may have a botoxed face...

I want to file off her upper lip. It's a damn shelf.

...but the rest of her is excellent from her hair to her feet. Her body is very articulated and easy to pose. Her hands and feet come off for those who wish to cripple their dolls for whatever purpose. The fashion is well constructed of nice fabrics. There's that tiny zipper at the fly which is so adorable. Belt loops and tiny gold buttons are little details that go into making a nice fashion. I added the sunglasses. I did try putting them over her lips but that didn't work.

She's got accessories and jewelry. You can't tell me they're not making money on this doll.

We don't get this quality in a $225. doll from Tonner now. We do get beautiful faces.  I'm going to switch a Tonner head onto this body...but it won't have eyelashes. Sigh.