Player Slayer Tulabelle Doll

Why would I order a doll whose lip sculpt I detest? I love the outfit. Crazy, isn't it? I'll bet there are many out there who have done the same and it's not the first time for me either.

What I don't understand is why can't the Tonner Doll Company do this for $140.?

This doll may have a botoxed face...

I want to file off her upper lip. It's a damn shelf.

...but the rest of her is excellent from her hair to her feet. Her body is very articulated and easy to pose. Her hands and feet come off for those who wish to cripple their dolls for whatever purpose. The fashion is well constructed of nice fabrics. There's that tiny zipper at the fly which is so adorable. Belt loops and tiny gold buttons are little details that go into making a nice fashion. I added the sunglasses. I did try putting them over her lips but that didn't work.

She's got accessories and jewelry. You can't tell me they're not making money on this doll.

We don't get this quality in a $225. doll from Tonner now. We do get beautiful faces.  I'm going to switch a Tonner head onto this body...but it won't have eyelashes. Sigh.

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