It Pays to Read Reviews!

I'll admit it; I adore the silly pet play sets that Mattel puts out. I don't buy them; I imagine the fun of playing with them.

Today I received a notice from the Mattel Shop of their 20% off Labor Day sitewide sale. I've purchased lots of Monster High items from that shop when they're on sale after comparing prices elsewhere.

So I go to the website and look up the Flippin' Pup Pool and read the one review. The buyer says:

"Disappointed because the ducky floating device and squirting dolphin are molded to doll's body. So doll is useful only for pool play, not for redressing or for other types of Barbie themes."

I'm not convinced I'd have purchased it in the first place but it sure is adorable.  The diving board launches the puppies! OMG 

I'm really 4 years old at heart.

1 comment:

  1. If the pups really flip, that would be pretty fun! The duck around Chelsea's is pretty cute, as is the water-squirting dolphin, but I would want to remove them, too. Making the pool a little larger so that Chelsea and all of the pups could be inside comfortably would have been nicer. For $15-20, it would make a nice gift.