News About Upcoming Conventions

I have more information about the Jamieshow Convention which will take place on September 28-30 in Canandaigua, NY.
There are three workshops which will take place simultaneously on Friday. George Gonzales is doing Photography, repainting eyes and lips is being taught by Peg Stroud of PegFamousGirls and Styling Doll Wigs and Hair is being taught by Michael Scott. Attendees will be divided into three groups and will rotate through the classes so everyone will get a chance. The groups will be small enough for all to get personal attention. The workshops will take place in the Angelic Dreamz  historic firehouse building, the loft of which is above the shop. I've been there and it's a wonderful setting.

More about the teachers:
—You all know George's photography from the business and from his posts on the doll boards. They speak for themselves.
—Peg has been repainting and designing 12 and 16 inch dolls for more than 12 years.http://www.flickr.com/photos/89211057@N00/sets/  She is an accomplished tattoo artist and owns a business called Lady Luck Tattoo. http://www.tattooladyluck.com/
—Michael Scott designs and creates doll clothing.  http://michaelscottdesigns.blogspot.com He is also a professional cosmetician/hairdresser and he will demonstrate techniques to style the Jamieshow wig caps.

During the day on Saturday we will have a guided tour of the Strong Museum of Play's extensive doll collection and doll houses. http://www.museumofplay.org/collections/doll. Transportation and lunch is included.
Here is the outline of the schedule:
-Opening breakfast reception and registration and Inn on the Lake.
-Angelic Dreamz will be closed to the public but open to convention attendees for VIP shopping.
-Cocktail Reception on the Veranda of the Sonnenberg Gardens overlooking the formal gardens.
-Trip to Strong Museum of Art and Toy Hall of Fame. Lunch
-"Speakeasy" Costume and Cocktail event at the Loft with live jazz and a few surprises.
-Closing Brunch with presentation of event doll.

There are still a few openings. Click here to go to Angelic Dreamz web page.


Sandra Stillwell announced that her August 9-12  Radio Days convention in Cincinnati, Ohio is now sold out! She is taking a waiting list from which spots may be filled if she can increase the numbers or in event of cancellations.
If you have never attended one of Sandra's events, get on the waiting list. You won't be sorry.
You can call Sandra at 502 377-5153.


The Wilde Imagination event sold out almost immediately but I've noticed several offers from people who are willing to proxy for those who can't attend. There is probably a waiting list as well. Go to the Wilde Imagination site for more information.
The Integrity Toys event is always a big, exciting convention with lots of attendees, doll swag and more. This year it's in Orlando. There are spots remaining if you want to attend. Here is the link.

Yes, there are other conventions taking place between now and the end of October and when I get more information, I will post it. 

If you've never been to a convention, you might want to look back about one year on my blog for my post which discusses how much it costs to attend a convention.  

This was based on past experience and attendance at an Integrity Toys/Fashion Royalty convention. They have changed the format this year: one less meal, higher convention price, more expensive hotel - so the numbers aren't exactly accurate but you can get a good idea. As they get closer to the date, a detailed convention packet will be issued with specific prices for convention collection dolls and other events.


Tatyana Alexandrova Nouveau Regime FR2

The new FR2 Tatyana arrived today. She photographs beautifully.

Her dress and purse are lovely and well made. The jewelry consists of earrings, bracelet and ring.

Her shoes are a total nightmare. It took me nearly 45 minutes to get them on properly and buckled. I only opened up the top two buckles. The buckle opening is barely large enough to get the strap through and the strap is fragile so you have to be very careful not to pull hard or it will break.
On top of that, the shoes are too wide and slip around no matter how tightly you close the straps. If that weren't enough, the soles are not made properly to contact the ground.

For $175. I need better. Here are unretouched photos of the doll's face and hair. Her bun can be smoothed down with some gel so that's not a big deal.

But look at the lip painting. The dark shadow line extends further on one side than the other.

She is a pretty doll but the quality control is not there. I am not going to ask for a replacement because I know the doll is sold out and even if they have replacements, it's liable to take months to get it. 

I would love to change her hairstyle. Rerooting would cost another $100. Not worth it.

Thanks to All Who Contributed to Marwencol

Mark Hogancamp was the happy recipient of a very large box filled with dolls, tool and accessories for his fantasy world, Marwencol. His executor delivered the goods to him and reported that he loved it all.
Perhaps one day there will be a follow-up to the film and we will see the different contributions in place according to Mark's desires.

 A note from Kevin von Duuglas-Ittu:
Any communication with Mark should be mediated through his executor, Janet, who can be reached through us at tonnersocialmedia@gmail.com.


Rush of Rose Gold™ Barbie® Doll

On 6/13/12 at 9:00 AM Pacific Time, a new Platinum Label doll will go on sale at BC.Com. This is for Barbie Fan Club members only. She is called Rush of Rose Gold and here is the description from the website:

Striking and sophisticated, Rush of Rose Gold Barbie doll is stunning in an asymmetrical dress of glamorous golden lamé. A single dolman sleeve makes a bold statement, while the wrap skirt falls just above her knees, adding to the modern silhouette. The black vinyl belt, hose and boots offer elegant contrast, while rose-golden accessories add the final stylish touch.
Created by Robert Best exclusively for members of the 2012 Barbie Fan Club.

The retail price is $85. Can you believe it? A non-articulated doll with dorky black plastic boots for $85.? I'm sure she will sell out fast. LOL. It seems that the sky is the limit with Platinum Label dolls because they are so limited. At least it could have been a Silkstone or on an articulated body. 

Seriously? I have thrown away better looking boots.

I have to give Mattel credit for knowing how to do an open mouth so it doesn't look like the doll has a snaggle tooth. I can guarantee that the top of her hair will be messed up. It already looks shaggy and frizzy in the promo.

Wilde Imagination Event SOLD OUT

Wilde Imagination Event SOLD OUT! It took only a few hours for all 200 spots to sell. Congratulations! It's going to be a wild weekend.
There is a waiting list for those so inclined.


"Secret Garden" First Wilde Weekend!

Wilde Imagination registration goes live tomorrow June, 6.
Join Ellowyne and friends as history is made at the FIRST EVER Wilde Weekend: "Secret Garden." Don't let the grass grow under your feet. Instead, travel to the fertile ground of Louisville, KY, where everything will be coming up roses! The Wilde adventure takes place on October 5-7, 2012. You'll sleep on a bed of roses in the enchantingly historical Seelbach Hilton Hotel - the one and the same where Tom and Daisy Buchanan held their wedding reception in The Great Gatsby. We hear the hotel is haunted by the Lady in Blue. Evangeline might find that quite interesting...

Even Ellowyne is looking forward to the festivities which will include lots of doll fun, endlessly entertaining events, and...did we mention the incredible dolls? You'll be thrilled as you leave with your pockets full of posies and an Ellowyne souvenir that will be as fresh and delicate as a flower...

Spend a weekend with Ellowyne and friends, Evangeline, Amelia, Theodora and the entire Wilde Imagination crew. You'll be amazed and delighted! The entire Wilde Weekend costs $349 per person. 
Registration will begin online June 6, 2012.
Limited to 200.

Be sure and visit the Seelbach's website and read up on all of the historical figures who have stayed there over the past 105 years:

Room rates will be $149 per night
Additional weekend activities will be announced soon.
See you there! 

In Honor of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Collector/designer Micki Baxter of England aka 'silkspike' posted her Union Jack doll fashion collection today on Prego. Here are some of her pictures. At the end of this post is the link to the original post where you can see the rest of the photos and read her descriptions.

Union Jack Collection post


JAMIEshow Premiere Convention Event

Angelic Dreamz Presents 

Photo I took when we visited Canandaigua last fall. This was at the Inn on the Lake.

 You are cordially invited to attend the first ever JAMIEshow Doll Convention
September 28th-30th, 2012

Along with a Special Convention Doll we have organized events, cocktail parties, workshops and lots of goodies in store for you in Canandaigua!

3 Workshops, Breakfast Reception, Cocktail Reception, Trip to Art & Toy Hall of Fame, Speakeasy Costume and Cocktail event, VIP Shopping, Brunch and Event Doll, Friends and More!

This is sure to be a glamorous and exclusive event.