7-23-08 More Valia Adore

The mirrored boxes are from Pier One and the photo studio miniatures were given to those attending the Barbie Convention this year (2008). Butter yellow silk beaded bustier was custom made for me by Mio.


7-21-08 Some favorite images of Vanessa


7-20-08 Valia Adore

Two little production problems I found were lots of fly-away hairs everywhere and the ribbons that tie the shoes are too short. I took the ribbons out of the slots at the back of the ankle and just tied them around her ankles. The shoes look great without the ribbons. Her hair may tame a bit with a little gel or spray.
Warning - don't crease the dress. It's very hard to get the creases out. There is a faint line visible on the front of the dress above the knee. I was working on the shoes and folded the dress back to get it out of the way. MISTAKE. I had to remove the dress and attempted to steam press the crease. It's a little better.
I do believe that the biggest problem this doll has is her arms. They are too long from the elbow to the fingertips and the articulation, besides being non-existent at the wrists, is not very flexible.
The doll is beautiful and there's no doubt that she is the best of the three. The ensemble is delightful and fits beautifully. My hat box had a little scratch on it's face under the plastic straps that hold it into the box. It doesn't bother me. The jewelry is very pretty. It was attached to cardboard backing by a fiend and had to be snipped in many places to remove it.
If you are on the fence about her, I recommend her. I'm looking forward to redressing her and posing her in different ways.

7-20-08 My Favorite Furry Doll