Engaging Elise Gets a Re-Style

This is such a gorgeous doll! I like her even more now that I took her hair down.


Here's her original look.

So different. What an amazing sculpt!


Good news...several people have received their replacement Flawless Elise heads.

Your Chance to Participate in a Collaborative Interview of Mel Odom

Gene Marshall retired almost exactly one year ago. What's Mel been up to?
For one, he's been available to us fans via email and on Facebook and he has graciously agreed to do an interview in honor of Gene's one year retirement.

The interview will be published on or about June 1st on my blog.

This is going to be a collaborative interview and I am seeking questions from all Gene-o-philes.

Please email me your questions. You can find my email address by going to More About Me in the right hand column where my picture is. That will take you to the page that has my contact email.

 You will have an opportunity to heap praise on Mel in the comments section of the interview once it's published. Just send your questions now, please.

As there are bound to be duplicate questions be prepared to note that your question may be edited and not look exactly like you sent it.

I will list the names of those who participated in the interview at the bottom of the interview unless there is a reason to specifically note who is asking the question. If you do not want your name listed, please tell me.

I will confirm receipt of every email received. If you do not get a confirmation, contact me again.

  Great shot of a handsome and talented man!

Doll Market Memorial Day Sale

The Doll Market is offering free shipping plus $10 off your order of $99 or more. Alternately you can get free shipping on all orders over $49 without the extra $10 off.    But, forget about applying this to BJD's or dolls like 
Cissy because they are considered oversized.

One begins to wonder "why bother?" One answers, "because it's a sale."

To check it out, click on the coupon above.



Wilde Imagination's New Offerings

I swear it's enough to drive a doll collector mad. Several new Ellowyne and Evangeline items were released last week.

I am so in love with this Evangeline but I will not buy another EG until they fix her body issues.  I hope someone over at the TDC reads this and takes it seriously because I'm on a campaign to get that body reworked. PLEASE DO SOMETHING to make Evangeline more user friendly. She's stiff and awkward and for a doll whose price is $175. we should get a doll that poses nicely and can sit up straight. Doncha think?

 She is called Imaginary Life. LE350 Her price is $175. She's vinyl with inset teal eyes and applied lashes. I want her so badly.  I  love that she's not wearing black, gray or red. She is so beautiful. I don't think I would even redress her. 
This is Dark Desire. $175. Vinyl. Inset green eyes. Rooted black hair with white stripes. She is cool but reminds me of so many of prior EGs.

The newest EG fashion is called Gothic Romance. It's priced at a painful $110. and doesn't come with shoes. The shoes, Plum Paces, would go well with this fashion. Of course it's gorgeous but it's not a must have. Will fit resin and vinyl bodies. LE300. Ships after June 10th. 
Some EG fashions are so fabric rich one could make two outfits from them.  The fabrics used are gorgeous and I haven't found a single problem with any fashion item I've purchased. 

"FREE Shipping on any order of $75 or More! Free shipping within Continental U.S. only. International customers use Promo Code SMILE14INT at checkout to receive $9.95 OFF any order of $75 or more. This promotion ends June 4th at midnight ~ so don't wait!"

The newest Ellowyne is called Going in Circles. Rooted brown hair and painted green eyes. The outfit is cute. She retails for $149. and is an LE of 1000. She comes with a stand.

There are some other new dolls and fashions. See the WI site for those. You can download a digital catalog and see really big images. Nice!

Ellowyne has a new shoe collection. If you want to buy them separately, that's an option, too. As a collection the price is $128.

Doll Reader/Haute Doll Exclusive Produced by Angelic Dreamz

In cooperation with Angelic Dreamz, the Canandaigua, N.Y.-based manufacturer and retailer of the popular JAMIEShow fashion ball-jointed dolls, Doll Reader/Haute Doll introduces an exclusive resin fashion BJD, Eshe. This 16-inch (41-cm) articulated doll wears a form-fitting gold dress with puff sleeves, reminiscent of the Egyptian queen herself, gold metal filigree earrings and necklace, and an Egyptian queen's hat. Eshe comes with a head cap, and she has another wig that collectors can swap in to change her look completely. She comes with a certificate of authenticity that identifies her as a Haute Doll exclusive. Eshe is a limited edition of 50 worldwide. 
 Photos by George Gonzalez, Angelic Dreamz

 Eshe will be available for sale exclusively through Doll Reader/Haute Doll for a limited number of readers. One of the best things about her, for those who like to play with their dolls (and who doesn't!), is that she will fit perfectly into clothing designed for other 16-inch fashion dolls, offering the potential for a whole range of new looks. Still, no matter how you dress her, Eshe's essence won't change.

She has a Middle Eastern look. She wears a stunning form-fitting gold dress with puff sleeves, gold metal filigree earrings and necklace, and an Egyptian queen's hat. She also carries a staff, giving her an even more regal bearing. Her platform shoes elevate her to an imposing presence suitable for Egyptian nobility. The resin doll comes with a head cap, and she has another wig that collectors can swap in to change her look completely. 

Eshe, dressed doll. LE 50. $425. LE 50. Free shipping for US orders only. An additional shipping charge will be applied to all international orders. Please note, dolls are subject to a 6.25% sales tax when shipped to Massachusetts' residents/businesses. Click here to order.

Until June 1 you will need a password to access the Doll Reader store. Do I have one?


W Club Doll #1 - Monaco Royale

What do you think?

Ways to Spend your Money

Every now and then (more now than then) I come across an enticing item that I'd buy if it weren't for the fact that I either have it already, have too many of them already, shouldn't buy anymore and .....you know.
I hate to see a good item go unpurchased so I will present it on the blog.

I need a good title for this feature - suggestions welcome.

Anyway...on the Show and Sell Site someone is selling 5 Fashion royalty bodies for $50 shipped. They are various colors. One looks like a tall body the others are straight arm bodies. These would make great mannequins and/or diorama items. Or you can take them apart and make strange jewelry with them. Bend them over and use for a table base...oh the things I can think of.

Seller's Photo
Click here: The link to the sale.

I do not know the seller although I may have done business with her in the past as I've done business with pretty much everyone it seems.

If you do buy them, tell her Terri sent you.

Of course, while you're there, take a look at the stuff I have for sale.


Where's Waldo?

Rare Appeal Dominique Becomes a Body Donor

Not being fond of Dominique's face I hoped that her body could be used with an existing FR doll and I got lucky. The doll I call Bongo Kyori aka Buena Sera is an extremely good match.
Buena Sera in Dominique's Body wearing her outfit.
While the above picture's lighting does very little for her face, I assure you that she is gorgeous.  Uriah rerooted her and did an amazing job keeping a darker blend of blondes under the top layers of platinum shades.
Buena Sera in Successful Ascension on her own FR body
There's been lots of chatter about the promo photos of Dominique's hot pink dress showing the ruffles evenly sized along her sides. That's not exactly right. In the promos, she has her arms and hands used to push the ruffles down. I don't think there's much of a difference at all between the promos and the production piece. The ruffles appear to have been pressed downward and flattened and the dress looks more fitted. I'm going to try that.  I think the dress is stunning and just needs a tweak here and there.

Dark Shadows Ellowyne

Another collector sat in at the Tonner Convention Ellowyne break out event for me. I was thrilled when I saw the souvenir doll.

I turned under the ends of the black bow so the beautiful details on the front of her tunic could be seen. The braids in her hair which you can see in the first photo were added by me. I may make a few really tiny ones. I think it's unusual for a convention souvenir doll to be without earrings and I wonder if they just never made it into my box. The rhinestone studs were put in by me until I find out if she's got her own.


I need this doll!

I was not fast enough to get one of the Daphne dolls left from the convention so I'm putting out a feeler...

This is the gal I'm looking for - or at least her outfit.

16" Wilhemina Wonka
She is based on a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory called Wilhemina.

Tonner Doll Convention and Superstar Laura Domholt

Another successful Tonner convention has ended and I've heard about frenzied buying, gorgeous centerpieces, insane resale prices (what else is new?) and so much more. Many mentioned missing Tom Courtney's pictures and the flavor he added to the events in the past. It's true that there was a noticeable lack of photo coverage and we had to desperately scrounge for pictures or suffer waiting.

I think I will send Robert an email offering my photographic and video services at all future events and the only recompense I will ask for is attendance at the event, a seat at a table and a room at the inn.  That's fair, isn't it?

My new favorite person is Laura Domholt. The first time I ever saw her was at a Tonner Store event. She was dressed as Wonder Woman. Laura is tall and she really carried it off so well. Since then, she's appeared in many costumes and in every one of them, she reigned supreme dressed as a Tonner doll. She is a living doll and I want to petition for a Laura Domholt calendar.

Here are few more pictures of dolls from the event.

Robert - Superhero

There were many other dolls but the photos of them belong to the doll owners. If Tonner releases promotional photos of the others, I will post them.


Apologies to my readers for my absence. I've been ill for several days with severe upper respiratory combination of symptoms.  Doctor found no strep so I don't have to take antibiotics. Yay. Just have to give it time and rest. What's that?

I am about to do a big photo shoot as I received my new Ellowyne and some other goodies. Soooo...look for a pretty post later.

I want to mention that the person in charge of blogging over at Tonner Direct thanked me for the shout-outs I've given to the company over the years on my blog. She (he?) said it does not go unnoticed. That made me feel really good. I'm thinking of compiling a page of comments and email I've received from manufacturers since beginning my blog. The main reason is that I want my readers to see an email (from someone who works for one of the manufacturers) that I've kept to myself for a little more than one year. I have to give it some more thought though because it's pretty bad. There's always more than one side to a story.


Saturday Night Centerpiece at Tonner Convention

Fantasy Masquerade

Winkin' - Green/Breathless
Blinkin' - Pink/Dutchess
Nod - Purple/Daphne