Rare Appeal Dominique Becomes a Body Donor

Not being fond of Dominique's face I hoped that her body could be used with an existing FR doll and I got lucky. The doll I call Bongo Kyori aka Buena Sera is an extremely good match.
Buena Sera in Dominique's Body wearing her outfit.
While the above picture's lighting does very little for her face, I assure you that she is gorgeous.  Uriah rerooted her and did an amazing job keeping a darker blend of blondes under the top layers of platinum shades.
Buena Sera in Successful Ascension on her own FR body
There's been lots of chatter about the promo photos of Dominique's hot pink dress showing the ruffles evenly sized along her sides. That's not exactly right. In the promos, she has her arms and hands used to push the ruffles down. I don't think there's much of a difference at all between the promos and the production piece. The ruffles appear to have been pressed downward and flattened and the dress looks more fitted. I'm going to try that.  I think the dress is stunning and just needs a tweak here and there.


  1. i keep looking at kyori's hair over and over again! i am glad you pointed out the details of it. hopefully there will be more pics of this wonderful & creative reroot job!!! (and kyori of course :p) =)

    and interesting about the facts of the dress. i nearly preordered this one, but didn't after all. but it's really nice to know how one could tweak it to look like the proto. gives me ideas for outfits i might give another chance to....

  2. I just received my Rare Appeal Dominique and I think her face is so beautiful!! I agree with you that the dress can be tweaked because I was able to adjust the dress and I like it now. I was afraid at first when I saw your pictures of the dress. I don't think any of the pictures I've seen do this doll justice. She is definitely my favorite now. I also love the fr2 body.

  3. Poor Dominique =) But Kyori seems very happy with her new body, she looks fab!