Private Label Eugenia at VenusSecret in Taiwan

Those lucky (?) enough to purchase $2000 worth of lingerie from VENUS SECRET in Taiwan will get a Fashion Royalty doll with the Eugenia sculpt. Nice! How many of you doll collectors spend $2000. on lingerie? Now if I could get designer lingerie for buying about $2000 worth of dolls, I'd be pretty happy.

The box has Jason Wu's name on it. I can't read the language but I can sure see the pretty doll. These images are all from the website of the store.

How many will you buy?

The Show & Sell Site Re-Opens

Thanks to Rae, Linda Malarkey and her husband Steve at the Doll Page, the new Show and Sell site is up and running. Several weeks ago the program crashed and burned with everyone's posts lost in cyberspace. They launched a new program and now there are many sales posts. They do this completely on their own and don't ask anyone for anything! I've done several transactions with Rae and she is just delightful to deal with.
There are so many wonderful people in the doll world that when a thief comes along and steals either dolls or money from collectors it's disheartening. Getting scammed by one of these pieces of shit can happen to pretty much anyone who is not vigilant about their shopping and selling practices.
They change names and addresses and use actual collectors' names to make themselves look respectable.
Be careful.
My sale posts: http://www.thedollpage.com/ads/searchresults.php?owner=46

Regal Estate Agnes Von Weiss From Oz

I may have mentioned several times previously that Agnes is not a favorite sculpt of mine. I've tried them all but have never been able to warm up to any version except Firefly, also from Oz.
This is the most beautiful Agnes yet. She comes dressed in an elegant and conservative-looking suit of black and beige. I have removed her patterned black tights which, in my opinion, interfered with the delicacy of the fashion and did not fit well in the shoes.

I was worried about removing the hair net but her hair is done well and isn't over processed or stiff.
The jewelry is a twisty cluster of blue/black beads. Earrings are gold colored metal with a bluish rhinestone. I love the clear vinyl shoes and they definitely did not fit well over the tights.

Remove the jacket and a beautiful little black dress changes everything. She goes from day to night. Gorgeous!

Agnes Regal Estate was $195. There was no charge for shipping due to the W Club free shipping coupon. She was a little pricey for a doll with few accessories and a basic outfit but she was a convention souvenir and I definitely have a place for her in my collection.