Behind the Scenes Photo Set-Up Featuring Kingdom Dolls Savile, Viola and Nimue

I was inspired by Nimue in her floral gown to create the following backdrop.
My photography studio has a huge bulletin board on one wall. I pinned up a poster showing a classic greenhouse interior. The brick floor is a magnetic sheet from Room With A View. 
One of my favorite props is Gene's gazebo. While there was no room for the matching table and chair set, one chair did the trick. 
The tiny terracotta flowerpots are a breeze to fill with silk flowers, they can also disguise seams in the flooring. 
All the other greenery was purchased at Michael's, an art and craft supply mega chain store. Some are sticking out of the gazebo and some are tacked to the bulletin board. The potted trees are also from Michael's.
What you don't see are my strobe lights on stands or my camera on a tripod. 

Here are some of the ladies in the greenhouse garden.
All their gowns are from Aquatalis. Wigs by Ilaria. White hat from a Dutch hat maker. Silver shoes on Viola are from Kingdom Doll. Savile's neckpiece is by Superdoll.