The 3rd W Club Doll of 2019 - My Brutal Opinion

There is not a thing I like about these two dolls except Nadja's face.
The first turn-off was the metal barrettes and earrings which dominate their appearance in the first photo. I also think there's something off about Erin's face. Her eyes are squinty and her mouth is strange. Her eyebrows come down too far towards her nose. Her features do not work well together, IMO.
Nadja has a beautiful face but it needs to be a matte finish and allowed to be the main feature, not overwhelmed by big hair, metallic ornaments and pink/black leopard print. She's overdone and it takes away from her face.

Take a look at these outfits. I want to know what street corner these two are working.
What's with the plastic coat over a slip? Don't tell me the slip is a dress. That's lingerie.

She has lost her dress.
Adding a plastic coat for modesty's sake.

Staying warm with hot pants.

You take that corner; I'll take this one.

The designer is Jesse Ayala.
Erin Salston "Your Motivation" and Nadja Rhymes "Like No Other" are available separately at $145 each plus S&H.
This is a W Club Member Exclusive pre-order. Edition size depends upon how many are ordered.
Shipping expected Winter 2019-2020.
One of each doll per membership.