Sybarite Neurotica

She's finally unwrapped and out of her box. I am loving her.

I am looking forward to photographing her with a good camera.


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I pre-ordered the Silkstone Violet Eyes Elizabeth Taylor doll and got $20. off. Still overpriced at $105.  but I have to have her. Please let her look like the promo.


Barbie® Styled By Tim Gunn Doll 1 @ 2

Barbie® Styled By Tim Gunn Doll 1 @ 2
"Make it work!"
The ever-impeccable Tim Gunn mentors Barbie® doll’s style dressing her in a versatile Project Runway-ready ensemble that includes a classic yellow blazer, print blouse and skinny denim pants. Includes handbag, sunglasses, miniature phone and Tim Gunn “book.” $29.95

 Fashion consultant and television personality, Tim Gunn, brings his expertise to Barbie with a timeless outfit of smart separates including a crisp white shirt paired with a sleek black pencil skirt and cinch belt. Includes handbag, glasses, miniature phone, coffee cup and Tim Gunn “book.” $29.95
Barbie® Styled By Tim Gunn Accessories 1 and 2
 $24.95 each
 Extend the runway ready look with fashions and accessories that switch it up in style! Includes sleeveless black shirt, abstract print skirt, strappy sandals, clutch, “makeup” accessories and “party invitation” for stylish girls on the go!
Extend the runway ready look with fashions and accessories that switch it up in style! Includes faux black leather trench, houndstooth scarf, ankle boots, black glasses, hoop earrings and “magazines” for stylish girls on the go!
 I think this collection designed by Tim Gunn is delightful. If only the dolls had pivotal bodies!


New Home Update and More

If I seem to have been missing in action, I was. We have now been living in our new home for one day short of a week. I love the house more every day and will love it even more when our furniture gets here and we don't have to sit at a bridge table to eat or on a lawn chair to watch television. We do have a fully functioning and beautiful kitchen and laundry room. Dolls? Ha. I still have not unpacked my new Sybarites. The painters are starting tomorrow and estimate that it will take two weeks. Our stored household will be delivered on the 16th of August so, it will be a little longer before I can sit down with a doll to enjoy the deboxing experience.

Do you think it's a sign that I found this?

 I wonder what the buyers of our Woodstock house will find. Probably my all time favorite earring that one of my cats successfully hid 10 years ago. Every time I moved furniture or cleaned under heat registers, I hoped to find it. Sigh. I used to give our cats these little fur mice to play with. Most of them would disappear within a few days. I always wondered where they went. When two big armoires were moved, I found out.
 But no earring. They never disappeared after Rudy came along. He bit off their ears and tails, removed their eyes and eviscerated their stuffing. No wonder the cats didn't like him.

My doll friends have been asking if I will have a doll room in this house and the answer is a definite YES. During the months of house shopping, Bob would always ask, "Where will you put your dolls?" We have the perfect room. It even has it's own walk-in closet. My dolls will live in style!
The couple that lived here had four little girls. Ashley (a future graffitti artist), a set of twins and a baby.  Ashley decorated several places around the house. Fortunately, the best drawing was in her own room which will be the doll room. The picture above is her work and I am going to preserve it even though the room is being totally re-painted. I am having the painters block out a rectangle around it.  I have a fun project planned for that part of the room.
More will be revealed.