Just For Fun, a Composite

Click on the picture to see it full-sized. I took some of my old Misaki pictures and combined them with new ones. I like looking at pictures of dolls I have no longer or that I rarely play with.


Paranormal Misaki

Kill me now. I've started up with the Misakis again. I thought I kicked the habit a few years ago when I sold my entire collection. Sigh. I tell myself it's OK because I'm not pre-ordering and paying retail. I'm hunting for bargains and finding them. (It's a sickness.)

I removed Paranormal's hat because it hides her lovely hair. She is so pretty.

Since purchasing Red Rabbit Misaki, seen below in Go Home's outfit,  Paranormal Misaki, Pure Evil Misaki, Ye-Ye Amelie and Royal Amelie have joined the tribe.

Misaki dolls' feet are larger than Nu-Face/Fashion Royalty feet. I didn't want to force the red boots onto her. The shoes are a Volks' product.

Yes, these are point and shoot photos. My bad.

OVAZ Fall 2011 Sneak Peeks

Ovaz keeps getting better and better. Not only are his designs wonderful, his photography rocks.  Here are a few pieces from the coming collection called DRAMA. These fashions are designed to fit AG, Ficon, Deva, Sybarite, Numina, Jamieshow and similarly sized dolls.



I love this doll.


Go North Makes an Appearance

I rarely apologize for my photography because I delete the trashy ones and fix up the rest if necessary. But I'm apologizing for taking picture of this beautiful Isha doll with a point and shoot camera. She does deserve studio time.

I was pleasantly surprised with this lovely creature. Everything works - her hair is done very well without over-processed ends; her makeup is perfect for the color and style of the fashion. If only she had an FR2 body...sigh. I will probably snip a few of the feathers that are interfering with her face but otherwise I won't change a thing.

Reinterpreted Runway Fashions - Shoes

My friend Petra from Germany found this reinterpretation by Fashion Doll Agency used on their Poete model. The originals (bottom right) are by Theyskens for Nina Ricci. Dramatic shoes!

On the left: THE JAMIEshow Shoe Collection
Purple Claw No Heel Shoes

Clearance Sale at Two Daydreamers

I wanted to follow up the last blog post because I started hunting MA dolls on sale and I found a bevy of them at  better prices at Two Daydreamers. Going Platinum Paris, mentioned in the last post sells at $79.95 here as do all the other Jason Wu designed 16" Alex line dolls. She also has Tonner Dolls and a selection from other manufacturers - not all on sale but why not browse anyway. What else do you have to do besides look at dolls?

Madame Alexander "Envy Cissy" - LE 200 $149.95 (This is a killer price for Cissy.)
The 10th Doctor aka Doctor Who $107.99

Not Made in China!

Take A Look Inside New York's Iconic Madame Alexander Doll Factory by Robert Johnson

Altagracia Villa, seamstress, at Madame Alexander's 
I thought they had ended the tours but it seems they're still going on. I am aching to go visit! A real factory in New York City that still operates is unusual. Check out this article which has lots of good pictures. Click on the picture below.
And while we're talking about Madame Alexander, I thought I'd show you a few Jason Wu styled items that are on sale directly from the Madame Alexander website. As always, do your research before making a purchase because prices can vary widely and you may find less expensive options on eBay and on dealers' sites.
Bon Bon by Jason Wu - Neo Cissy 16 Inch Doll LE200. Originally $159.95 now $79.95.
Lust by Jason Wu - Cissy 21 Inch Doll LE 200. Originally $349.95 now $174.95
Going Platinum Paris 16 Inch Doll Styled by Jason Wu. Originally $149.95 now $99.95


Breast-Feeding Doll


Sindya N. Bhanoo for the NY Times reports:
"There’s a new doll entering the American toy market called the Breast Milk Baby. In addition to the doll, little girls (and boys) get a halter top that they can wear, with two flowers that symbolize breasts."As the doll’s mouth is brought to the flowers, it makes a sucking sound, as if it is drinking milk. Afterward, the doll cries until it is burped.“The whole purpose behind a doll is to pretend like you’re a parent,” said Dennis Lewis, the American representative for Berjuan Toys, the Spanish company that makes the dolls. “The dolls are meant to just let kids play as mommies and daddies naturally.”
Actually this New York Times report is outdated although it was just published this past week. The doll is already on the market and one place it's being sold is Amazon.Com. It is called Bebe Gloton Breastfeeding Doll and sells for $118. It's only $89. here: http://thebreastmilkbaby.com/ and this site has demonstration videos as well.
The box says: el primer muneco lactante. If I were just translating blind I'd say it means the first lactating doll.  And gloton translated from the Spanish means glutton or gluttonous. Another dictionary says it could mean gourmand. ;-)
But is the doll anatomically correct? I'd like to see dolls look like humans from the neck down rather than have baby dolls suckling flowered tank tops and burping.

This goes for fashion dolls as well. Why not? Our dolls have breasts, nipples and butt cracks. Why are the vaginas and penises missing?

A much more interesting line of dolls comes from Amamanta Family dolls. Click on the picture below to go to their website and view the unique dolls they offer.

"There's no recession in Barbie," says Sandi Holder

Ken and Barbie celebrate their golden anniversary with a convention in Fort Lauderdale

Read more: http://www.miamiherald.com/2011/07/29/v-fullstory/2337178/ken-and-barbie-celebrate-their.html#ixzz1TsnXxGrg



Our tickets arrived today for A Day of Ennui ~ The Sequel. Time sure flies. It's only 12 days away. I'm not only looking forward to the luncheon and presentation on Saturday, I'm also looking forward to the Friday night reception at which there will be an exclusive Evangeline for sale.
There may still be spots open. You can find out by going to A Day of Ennui - The Sequel   
or calling 866-909-4533. 
Hope to see you there! 


Doll Reader Announces its 2011 DOTY Public's Choice Winners

Text from Doll Reader's announcement:
Following the January announcement of the 2011 Doll of the Year® (DOTY®) Industry’s Choice® awards winners at IDEX Premiere in Orlando, Fla., 83 dolls went on to compete for the esteemed DOTY® Public’s Choice® awards. Over the last few months, readers and members of the collecting public were asked to select their favorite dolls from this pool of Industry’s Choice® winners. And so, Doll Reader proudly presents the 2011 Doll of the Year® Public’s Choice® award winners.
    Check out pictures of all this year's award winners in the August/September issue of Doll Reader magazine, and stay tuned for the October issue where interview each award winner about their prize-winning doll and what’s next for them.
Children’s Play Doll
Black Velvet - Adora, Charisma Brands

Collectible Baby Doll
Amy - Doris Stannat, MasterPiece Dolls

Collectible Fashion Doll
Ava Gardner Hearts Ablaze - Tonner Doll Company

Collectible Ball-Jointed Doll
Alice - Ashton-Drake Galleries

Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, Less than $175
Little Red Riding Hood - Joanne Flitton, Heartstring Dolls

Collectible Vinyl/Plastic Doll, More than $175
Jethe - Heidi Plusczok

Collectible Porcelain Doll
Journey - Karen Alderson, Charisma Brands

Collectible Miniature Doll, 8 Inches or Less
Tiny Bundle - Camille Allen

Collectible Manufacturer's Artist Doll, Less than $250
Flame Blue Vanessa Perrin Dressed Doll - Jason Wu, Integrity Toys
Collectible Manufacturer's Artist Doll, More than $250
Victoria Rose - Luciana Miglioranzi, Babies N Bubbles

Artist Ball-Jointed Doll
Mia - Lorella Falconi, Lorella Falconi Dolls
Artist Baby Doll
Sweet AlyMarie - Lori Ivanovic, Silver Spoon Nursery

Artist Miniature Doll
Katherine - Anna Hardman, Anna Hardman Dolls

Artist Doll, Less than $1,250
Apolonia - Zawieruszynski Originals  

Artist Doll, More than $1,250 + BEST IN SHOW!
Little Red Riding Hood - Hildegard Gunzel

One-Of-A-Kind Doll, Less than $1,250
Karley - Annette Hermann Originals

One-Of-A-Kind Doll, More than $1,250
Little Apache - Lynn Cartwright


You can see the images for the rest of the winners on-line by searching using the name of the doll and the manufacturer. It's easier than clicking on the links which take you to a non-specific page.

Congratulations to the winners!


Ninimomo at BarbieCon 2011

Not sure if you've all see this gorgeous promotional photo taken from the Ninimomo website and posted here for your enjoyment.

Into The Rabbit Hole With Franklin Lim Liao

Franklin Lim Liao is very well known for the spectacular and award winning costumes he wears at the doll conventions. But today, instead of looking at pictures of Franklin, we'll see a series of pictures he shot entitled "Into the Rabbit Hole."  The cats are the humorous stars of this photo shoot. Look carefully at the 4th picture. What do you think?

I believe the doll is a redressed Azone Pure Neemo Alice Aika. I'm normally not attracted to anime style faces but this line is very interesting. They are 1/6 scale and not inexpensive.  I love the outfits.
Azone Classic Alice Aika Cheshire Cat Ver.
Classic Alice koron Amazon.co.jp
Black Alice Lien Amazon.co.jp
From what I'm gleaning on Flickr and amazon.co.jp, there are a several different dolls with this theme and there are several themes and lines of Azone Pure Neemo dolls.  They're all dressed in these wonderful fashions which fit the theme of their line. They're apparently very popular and sell out quickly.

These last two are from the latest series Witches' Magical Land. Both about $156. each. Of course you would have to pay shipping from Japan if you could score one of them. At Hobby Search, they're sold out with waiting lists only.

While you're at Hobby Search, check out the Pure Neemo bodies. I love the 'snap' together and pull apart ability. You can change the hands, the torso and more. That's gotta be fun.