"There's no recession in Barbie," says Sandi Holder

Ken and Barbie celebrate their golden anniversary with a convention in Fort Lauderdale

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  1. I have to disagree with Ms Holder, there IS a recession in vintage Barbie dolls...the prices have dropped dramatically..it is a buyers market at the moment.

  2. One comment in the article I do beg to differ with as well. Ken is AS buff as in 1961???

    C'mon!! The guy's been to the gym since then!!! No more dorky 98 pound weakling!!!! Started with that hot "Edwardian" Ken in 1967 to go with the new "Mod" Barbie!!!

  3. Being a dealer Sandi wouldn't admit to a recession, it wouldn't make buisness sense. Can't blame her! :)

  4. Wishful thinking.....
    When Mattel had to shutter the new Shanghai store (after god knows how many millions of dollars to build and outfit) that kinda indicated that even old barbs is having some cash flow issues.
    Her resale hasn't looked too good either lately

    Will C.