Go North Makes an Appearance

I rarely apologize for my photography because I delete the trashy ones and fix up the rest if necessary. But I'm apologizing for taking picture of this beautiful Isha doll with a point and shoot camera. She does deserve studio time.

I was pleasantly surprised with this lovely creature. Everything works - her hair is done very well without over-processed ends; her makeup is perfect for the color and style of the fashion. If only she had an FR2 body...sigh. I will probably snip a few of the feathers that are interfering with her face but otherwise I won't change a thing.


  1. Lovely, even with a point and shoot, LOL!

  2. Funny, I think of her as a Luchia and not as an Isha ^_^

    She is absolutelly gorgeous, I wish I would have found a nude one for a decent price... Dolls are becoming mora and more expensive, aren't they??

    I was thrilled that I was able to grab an NRFB Go Home for "only" $160 w/ shipping!! But I haven't spotted any bargain Go West "bargain" *sigh*

  3. @Ana: For me, she was the star of the IFDC dolls. She's like some early Veroniques with a sweet face and feminine fashion.