Into The Rabbit Hole With Franklin Lim Liao

Franklin Lim Liao is very well known for the spectacular and award winning costumes he wears at the doll conventions. But today, instead of looking at pictures of Franklin, we'll see a series of pictures he shot entitled "Into the Rabbit Hole."  The cats are the humorous stars of this photo shoot. Look carefully at the 4th picture. What do you think?

I believe the doll is a redressed Azone Pure Neemo Alice Aika. I'm normally not attracted to anime style faces but this line is very interesting. They are 1/6 scale and not inexpensive.  I love the outfits.
Azone Classic Alice Aika Cheshire Cat Ver.
Classic Alice koron Amazon.co.jp
Black Alice Lien Amazon.co.jp
From what I'm gleaning on Flickr and amazon.co.jp, there are a several different dolls with this theme and there are several themes and lines of Azone Pure Neemo dolls.  They're all dressed in these wonderful fashions which fit the theme of their line. They're apparently very popular and sell out quickly.

These last two are from the latest series Witches' Magical Land. Both about $156. each. Of course you would have to pay shipping from Japan if you could score one of them. At Hobby Search, they're sold out with waiting lists only.

While you're at Hobby Search, check out the Pure Neemo bodies. I love the 'snap' together and pull apart ability. You can change the hands, the torso and more. That's gotta be fun.

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  1. Love these dolls.. and I LOVE that cat. I love all cats...
    Happy Sunday, Ms. Gold.