Old Red (not related to *Old Yeller)

Tonner's Tiny Kitty doll was the start of  fashion doll collecting for me.  I was browsing through my Tiny Kitty archives today and came upon a nested folder called Red-Black_Outfits.  A few years ago I was on a crusade to buy every red fashion for these 10" charmers that I could find. I was quite successful. That year I did a really cute display during Christmas.

Some newer ones:


*Old Yeller

Screw the Burned Cookies. I'm Outta Here.

Guilty Little Pleasure - Madame Alexander Cissette

I've have previously discussed my affection for Madame Alexander Cissette dolls. They're just so cute. The trunk sets are extremely attractive to me. They're like little parts of doll houses and there are lots of fashion items in each one. My newest trunk set is the Christmas Trunk Set. I took a chance on an unknown seller I located on ecrater because it was the lowest price I have ever seen on this set.

The exterior of the trunk depicts a front door decorated with a wreath. It's the same on both sides. The interior is holly papered with a space for the doll and four drawers.

One doll is included. She comes dressed in a very traditional taffeta and gold mesh Christmas plaid dress with green suede-like pumps, stockings, crinoline, long gloves (oddly without fingers) and a hat. I didn't want to tie the hat on so it's probably not supposed to look like that.

In the following pictures, I have dressed two additional Cissette dolls in the two other complete fashions that come in this trunk set. Nothing has been skimped on. There are shoes for each outfit!

There is even a dress under the white coat! This is a really great set especially if you have other dolls to dress in additional fashions for a holiday display.

 Check out the ice skates above. She's got a headband to hold her hair away from her face while skating and white tights to keep her legs warm. Perhaps the fingerless gloves would go better with this outfit than the plaid dress.

The caped coat and hat are a low pile fur-like fabric. It's lush. She has wrist length gloves and leatherette tall boots. The red dress underneath is a sleeveless taffeta with a gathered skirt. I added the earrings.

I've seen this set priced from a low of $117. to a high of $220. Shop around!
Today I found it for $119.95 at Carytown Dolls & Bears.


Random Pictures and Kissing Frogs

Geometry. After all these years I can finally say I love geometry. I hated it along with algebra in high school.
Two of my strobes have to be replaced. With age the color temperature of the flash has changed dramatically. I have to adjust the color balance on almost all of my images. It's not my monitor - I'm sure. There is also some function in my complicated camera that I can adjust. I don't like complicated.

I took a few of my older Tonner gals and fashions out of storage to do a red-themed group picture. It did not work out at all. The problem may have been the background which I was too lazy to change. There's that lazy word again. Out of more than 70 shots of 5 dolls, this is the only interesting composition.
It's part of a larger photo that I didn't like. *(You have to kiss a lot of frogs.)  

It would make an interesting greeting card.

Most Wanted Elise, one of the 2011 Wu Convention collection dolls, finally got some time in front of the camera.

This doll has the complexion of a corpse but I am very fond of her sculpt. We need to see Elise with a different hair color. I found it odd that so many did not care for her gown. While I'm not a fan of the double bows, I think the gown is gorgeous. The construction is excellent. The fabric is lovely and it works on this doll. I am pleased to have added her to my collection. She is one of only two dolls from the 32 or so available at the convention that I have kept. The other was the FR2 Tatyana.




Geometry - First Photo Shoot

Geometry will need lots of camera time. I think she needs a wig removal as well. This wig will not work with all the fashions she's going to be wearing.

In this photograph, Geometry is wearing a Ficon gown and Avantguard shoes. She is holding a felted toy poodle. (The largest Rudette.)

Stardoll by Barbie and 2012 Showcase

Have you seen the new Stardolls? Are you annoyed because they are not articulated? These dolls are really adorable. Their clothes are uber cute and edgy and I'd like to have some of them for my younger-looking dolls. Their hairstyles are attractive and they have rooted eyelashes.  I love that strapless yellow and black babydoll top.

There are eight dolls and three accessory packs. The dolls are $20.99, accessory packs $15.99. All are available now on the Barbie collector.com website.

The 2012 Barbie Basics line will be available to order on 12/8. This line consists of six dolls with the Model Muse body and two accessory packs. All of the dolls are wearing bathing suits and carrying large handbags.  It just more of the 'same old, same old' here.

Dolls retail for $19.95. Accessory Packs are $14.95.

There's lots more to see.

If you need a good laugh, in the description for the Dancing With the Stars dolls, it says:

Doll cannot dance.

Imagine that.


New 12" Resin BJD from R. Leigh Slaughter

 Portland, Maine - Bird & Petal is a line of high quality urethane resin 12″ fashion ball-jointed dolls designed and produced by doll artist R. Leigh Slaughter. These dolls are bridging the gap between 16″ Fashion BJD and 12″ vinyl dolls, bringing the pleasure of the realistically sculpted BJD experience to 1/6th scale!

“These dolls are made for 12” doll enthusiasts who are looking for an alternative to the vinyl doll scene,” said Slaughter. “I remember the uncertainty of switching over to 16” BJD and wishing there was a high quality, beautifully sculpted BJD in ⅙ scale. I think these dolls will provide that to today's collectors.”

Bird and Petal (birdandpetal.com) dolls are produced in the US by the artist in Portland, Maine, with a
commitment to keeping production in the US and all of the accessories and packaging made domestically or locally.

For more information please contact:
R. Leigh Slaughter by email at info@birdandpetal.com


This first image above shows Leigh's doll on the right compared to an early version Fashion Royalty body.

Getting Ready

The three dolls pictured above are part of Leigh's first collection of seven. They are wigged with painted eyes.   Leigh made all of the clothing, jewelry and shoes.  The dolls are cast in the US and finished by the artist including blushing, stringing and painting. They have applied lashes. 
Each doll comes in a handmade wooden box that can be converted to a wardrobe. A beveled wood stand with a copper arm and waist grip is included. 
These OOAK dolls made in the USA are priced at $750.  Made in the USA!!!