Stardoll by Barbie and 2012 Showcase

Have you seen the new Stardolls? Are you annoyed because they are not articulated? These dolls are really adorable. Their clothes are uber cute and edgy and I'd like to have some of them for my younger-looking dolls. Their hairstyles are attractive and they have rooted eyelashes.  I love that strapless yellow and black babydoll top.

There are eight dolls and three accessory packs. The dolls are $20.99, accessory packs $15.99. All are available now on the Barbie collector.com website.

The 2012 Barbie Basics line will be available to order on 12/8. This line consists of six dolls with the Model Muse body and two accessory packs. All of the dolls are wearing bathing suits and carrying large handbags.  It just more of the 'same old, same old' here.

Dolls retail for $19.95. Accessory Packs are $14.95.

There's lots more to see.

If you need a good laugh, in the description for the Dancing With the Stars dolls, it says:

Doll cannot dance.

Imagine that.


  1. Great post! I do love the Stardolls, already purchased three of them but I am disappointed in Mattel...again. I'm shelling out more money because I like my girls to have articulation. So, I've purchased two Fashionistas and one Liv, just for their body.

    The other thing that's irritating is, the Stardoll who received the Liv body, is the only one who can wear the cute shoes that comes with the doll/accessory pack. The feet are much too big for Barbie's feet!

    The so called "model muse" body the Stardolls come with, has no movement from the waste down. They can't even sit! I don't know who's on what in Mattel's marketing department but it must be good stuff. :)

  2. Saw them at Toys R Us and I was drawn to the girl with the black hair and bangs but her bangs did not look like that in person. Cute but I'll stick with Monster High for my cheap thrills.

  3. Doll cannot dance? Oh no!
    (So funny.)

    The Basics are not very exciting but I actually love #8 (lower left corner of your array) for her hairdo and face. Thanks for the posting about htem here or I might never have seen her.


    And generic looking.

  5. The Star dolls are cute, but I do wish they were articulated. I can't even find them in my local stores so I guess I'll have to make a trip to Toys R Us to find them. I also think those new Barbie Basics are quite dull.

  6. Yes, Teri, I am disappointed they are not articulated. I think that Mattel's main target audience remains little girls. Do you think any of the Mattel people ever go on any of the adult doll boards and see what we "grown ups" are up to?

  7. @Carin: They are all about money. Little girls like to pose their dolls, too. The Dancing With the Stars dolls - two have pivotal bodies and one doesn't. What is that about? They're all the same price. It's insane.

  8. I ended up buying one Stardoll at the barbiecollector shop. With my reward ended up paying 99¢ :-) But without articulation they are definitely not worth the $20.99
    - Julia

  9. Terri, don't you have any pull with Mattel? I think the Stardolls are beautiful, for some reason I was not drawn to them at all. I even went to the store, held them in my hands to see if we would bond. We didn't. I love the accessory packs and I will buy them all. By the way, the shoes fit the Monster High dolls perfectly. The frozen body has nothing to do with little girls. They want articulation like we do. At least let the dolls sit down! Maybe they posted the "dolls can't dance" since there was a recent line of dancing LIV dolls that had a lever that made them dance. If that was the case, it was probably a smart disclaimer. How do you only put two on pivotal bodies. What is going on other there?!!! If they were really smart, they would have an adult collector focus group and a young girl's focus group on just about every project they are considering. Maybe they already have this, but they aren't listening to them.

  10. The AA Barbie Basic screening is beautiful. I would love to own her but would have to find an articulated body first.

  11. I just purchased my stardoll (4th to the left of your image)and was very surprised that she's just a barbie statue or a three dimensional paper doll which is what the stardoll thing is, virtual paper dolls, ironically the very thing ruth handler was trying to change because real paper dolls of the 50's and before were very fragile. I feel mine looks like Princess Catherine and I am purchasing three more because I am more impressed with these dolls than the barbie basic doll I also recently received. I may be returning to the company in trade for my third stardoll