New 12" Resin BJD from R. Leigh Slaughter

 Portland, Maine - Bird & Petal is a line of high quality urethane resin 12″ fashion ball-jointed dolls designed and produced by doll artist R. Leigh Slaughter. These dolls are bridging the gap between 16″ Fashion BJD and 12″ vinyl dolls, bringing the pleasure of the realistically sculpted BJD experience to 1/6th scale!

“These dolls are made for 12” doll enthusiasts who are looking for an alternative to the vinyl doll scene,” said Slaughter. “I remember the uncertainty of switching over to 16” BJD and wishing there was a high quality, beautifully sculpted BJD in ⅙ scale. I think these dolls will provide that to today's collectors.”

Bird and Petal (birdandpetal.com) dolls are produced in the US by the artist in Portland, Maine, with a
commitment to keeping production in the US and all of the accessories and packaging made domestically or locally.

For more information please contact:
R. Leigh Slaughter by email at info@birdandpetal.com


This first image above shows Leigh's doll on the right compared to an early version Fashion Royalty body.

Getting Ready

The three dolls pictured above are part of Leigh's first collection of seven. They are wigged with painted eyes.   Leigh made all of the clothing, jewelry and shoes.  The dolls are cast in the US and finished by the artist including blushing, stringing and painting. They have applied lashes. 
Each doll comes in a handmade wooden box that can be converted to a wardrobe. A beveled wood stand with a copper arm and waist grip is included. 
These OOAK dolls made in the USA are priced at $750.  Made in the USA!!!


  1. I like everything except the face sculpt. Her face looks too long.