Introducing Madame Eshe from Angelic Dreamz

Angelic Dreamz revealed their spectacular new Jamieshow doll, Holiday 2011 Madame Eshe.  I will let the photos speak for themselves. 

Madame Eshe $475. LE 50
Madame Eshe peers out with Royal Blue Eyes and pale skin tone, her Royal Highness has Golden Eyeshadow real eyelashes, upswept golden blonde hair with trailing curls down her back.  Her gown is de rigor, Red Silk satin in multiple layers with intricate gold details and lace cuffs.  An elaborate (and separate) bustle in crimson and gold stitching design adorn and support her massive gown.  Ruching, gold pearls and white lace adorn her elaborate gown.  Red Crock and Leather shoes.  Wig cap is rooted and interchangeable and comes with smooth cap for regular wigs as well.  She comes with her royal gold crown by Facets.

Click on the photograph (or here) to be magically transported to the AD website where you can see more pictures and get information on this stunning new doll.


Integrity Toys announced the second W Club doll for W Club 2011 members. Actually it is three dolls which pleased many collectors. The collection is called Rock Fashion Wedding. The dolls are very attractive and edgy. I would prefer Erin without buck teeth but that can be easily repainted.

W Club members can order the collection for $330 plus shipping. If ordered separately, the total would be $360.

I will order the set not actually knowing if I will keep any part of it as I don't collect the NuFace dolls any longer. I don't have a problem with pre-order deposits, but the way things have been going with shipping delays, waiting 6 or more months for a pre-ordered doll has become the norm. Expected shipping is Spring 2012 — 4 to 6 months away. The required deposit is $75. per set of three dolls.

I like the lingerie and the filmy net skirt on Lillith. I see draping problems with the shorter skirt. It looks like there are folds that go horizontally out to the hips and an inverted pleat front and center.  That does not work at all.

Is the top of the net skirt made from the same material as the lingerie? I wonder if Erin's dress is also 2-piece? That would be cool. Her dress looks all black but the under layer is purple - the same color as Romain's scarf.

Here is my Photoshopped version of Erin's mouth.

I realize that some live models have a pouty-raised-upper-lip-thing going on but apparently it's difficult to translate to a doll. The 2011 Bergdorf Fashion Night Out doll had the same buck-tooth issue and it was for that reason I did not keep her in my collection. I like open mouth dolls as much as closed mouth dolls (I love Vanessa) but the teeth to lip ratio and proportion needs to work.

The male of the trio, Romain Perrin, is probably right up there with the best designed males they've ever done. One can only hope that the outfit fits as well as it looks like it does. He will be very, very popular.


  1. Romain Perrin......that name alone makes him a must-have! He is gorgeous, the hair, the outfit, perfection!

  2. Erin is unfortunate with the painted on chipmonk teeth. At first I thought they had sculpted her mouth like that, but if it's just a dot of poorly placed white paint, then it can be fixed. I love her black & purple gown though, and want her for that alone