Barbie Loves Glitter GLAM VAC & Doll

Mattel has me on their mailing list and insisted that I check out their sale (again.) These are the items that caught my eye:

If you saw a doll named Glam and Vac, what would you imagine? I just had to see the glamorous Barbie that also vacuumed. I thought, hmm...now this is real life. Mattel is getting with the program. WRONG.
The vac is a tool you get in the package to clean up your messy glitter after you glue it to Barbie's outfit.

Girls can glitterize Barbie doll's outfits and accessories! Just choose a sticker and apply it to the surface of the item you want to decorate. Pick a glitter color (pink or purple) and use the scoop tool to pour glitter over the sticker. Then press the gem button on the Glitter Glam Vac to clean up the excess glitter and store it in the gem top. So glitter-rific and fun!

So let's say you don't want the all that loose and dreaded glitter in your home but you must have a Barbie Loves Glitter Hair Doll. It comes with "fabulous glitter mascara to color Barbie doll's hair." I envision a creative child also coloring the family dog's fur.  I don't think the VAC would work on that.


But the weirdest item of all is the Barbie Doll'd Up Nails Digital Nail Printer.  It doesn't work with a Mac system so I'm safe.

Here is the description of what it does:
"There's so much stylin' fun at your fingertips with this digital nail printer! Now, both girls and their moms can get creative with their manicures. Simply select from 1,000+ adorable nail designs, choose the color, size the image to fit the nail, and print. Voila... your own custom manicure, at home! You can even upload your own photos to print and wear on nails for the most unique manicure of all."

I'm guessing you have to stick your fingers in one at a time. And it's reduced to $149.99. If you buy it on sale you pay only $119.99. 

I can think of all sorts of unique uses for this toy.


  1. I love your reviews hands down! And I LOL'd at "So glitter-rific and fun!" - last I knew, Glitter is the BANE of childhood... a one time use = YEARS of clean up. Also, don't forget Glitter was the AWFUL (NEVER should have seen the light of day) Mariah Carey movie! Both are equally dispicable.

  2. If they are going to make a glam doll vacuum, shouldn't she be wearing pearls, like June Cleaver?

  3. Now Barbie SHOULD be vacuuming, and as glamourously as possible - like Donna Reed in stilettos and triple strand pearl necklace! :-D