Freddy Tan's Monster High Doll Repaints

We have a case here of a master repainter making a silk purses out of a sows' ears. Forgive me for calling MH dolls sows' ears but they are cheaply made, fragile dolls. However,  in the hands of Tan, they become jewel-like, precious creations.

Here are a few of his amazing OOAKs. Below you will find a link to his flickr photostream. It's highly recommended viewing!



  1. Beautiful work by Freddy. I love these Monster High dolls. They're really good, very affordable, articulated fun. :D

  2. ironically, when he is done with them....they remind me of those $1600 porcelain dolls that you can order.....there are a few people that make them.... like enchanted dolls.....

  3. Porque las publicas desnudas ,estas insinuando "pornografia" y estos juguetes son para ninos ,o eres paidofilico escondido ,no me gustas eres mal intencionado y te escondes para atraer a los inocentes bebes.

  4. He should get into making and painting porcelain bjds! Otherwise, so much work on a canvas that is cheap plastic.