Barbie Basics - Collection #001

This is a very attractive, clever and fun-looking collection! Barbie Basics Collection #001 consists of twelve different dolls dressed in a different little black dresses. Each doll's description includes the name of the sculpt that the doll has such: Mackie, Lara, Steffie, Goddess, Kayla/Lea, Carnaval, Aphrodite, Mbili, Diva, Deidre, Teresa and Tango. The prices are right at $19.95 each. The entire set of twelve dolls would cost $239.40. There's lots of play possibility here unless the dresses are sewn on and I wouldn't put it past Mattel to do that.

There are four accessory packs, called "Looks," which contain scarves, purses, shoes, jewelry, and props. These are priced at $14.95. I would have to have one of each which would add up to $59.80.

If you are going to buy the entire kit and kaboodle, be prepared for a total of $299.20 and don't kid yourself that you will only open one a month. LOL
I'd have to rip those puppies out of their boxes in one shot, get them all set up and start playing. I can see it now. Announcing the "Little Black Dress Fashion Show." Get your runways up, ladies.

Go to the Barbie Collector site:
to see larger images of the dolls and accessories.

The collection is designed by Bill Greening and is going to be available on December 7, 2009. You know you want it.


Buyer Frenzy ~ Poppy Parker Giftset

One week ago it was announced to members of the W Club that the Poppy Parker Giftset (described in the preceding post) would go on sale - first come, first served - on November 18 at 10AM CST. Within two minutes the site had slowed to an imperceptible crawl. I logged in at the precise time the link went active and it took a full 20 minutes to get my order confirmed. After I did it three times during the first few minutes, I took the advice of one of the liaisons and did not hit refresh again. I don't think I breathed as my order slowly advanced forward to the end. I have never in my life had such an experience ordering something. It was like walking a tightrope.
At 11:22 AM the link was shut down. An announcement was made that the remaining sets would be distributed via lottery to be held from that time until late that night. People had dolls in their carts when the lights went out on them. The stories some collectors posted about what they did to be able to have computer access at that time approached what many would call "willing to go to any lengths."
There's no blame to be placed here. Collectors are wild about these dolls. It reminded me of the horrific event on Black Friday at a Walmart store last year. A crowd of shoppers whose buying impulses had been fueled by the scent of great sales stormed the doors at the moment of opening and actually killed an employee in the mad rush.

Poppy Parker Giftset "Holiday in the Hamptons"

This is the soon-to-be released Poppy Parker Giftset called Holiday in the Hamptons. One lovely red-head Poppy doll and three fashions for day, play and evening wear make up the contents of the set. Only one pair of shoes is included for all three outfits! There could have been a pair of sandals thrown in there instead of the roses. I really like the black dress and the polka-dotted playsuit.

Price of the set is $150. which seems about right.

Date of availability: TBA



Fashion Doll Agency ~ Marcella 'Double Mousseline'

Just when I thought I was safe from the temptations of other 16" dolls, I succumbed to the Fashion Doll Agency line. When I saw their first offering Kaori, in Haute Doll, I thought she looked like the insect known as a walking stick.Her face seemed amateurish and cartoony and she was just awful. I had heard that she was so thin that no clothes made for other 16" dolls would fit her. But after seeing pictures of their latest doll, Marcella 'Double Mousseline', I took the bait. The price was right for a super articulated doll at $299 with free shipping from France.Mousseline is any sauce to which whipped cream or beaten egg whites have been added just prior to serving to give it a light, airy consistency. She is wearing two mousseline tops. Perhaps the word is also French for a light, airy silk fabric. What you can't see in their photograph are the colors with which her face is screened. Compared to the original Kaori who looks colorless, this gal is adorable.
Fashion Doll Agency (FDA) offers a small number of separate outfits for purchase. The one outfit I admired is sold out on their website but I was able to buy it at below cost from another collector.There are two other fashion I would love to have.
The first is called Jeans Fourrure (fur) and the second is called Laine (wool) & Lezard (lizard). I like the natural materials used in their fashions. In Haute Doll, Ernesto Padro-Campos shows photographs (fabulous, of course) of Manon wearing some of Agnes and Victor Dreary's clothing! Ernesto even has her wearing Barbie's Todd Oldham leopard coat. This is a good thing to know. I will try all sorts of smaller clothing on my gal.
I have already received notice that my doll shipped today and I just paid for her yesterday! That's what I call service.

The FDA website.


Picture of the Week Award ~ November 15, 2009

This week's photograph will stop you in your tracks! The photographer is Michelle Blankenship aka Visibly Vintage.

Pictured are two Sybarites, Avalon and Karma, showing off their curvaceous bodies. Michelle has applied a vintage effect to the image which adds interest and mystery. The image draws me in and makes me wonder what is going on. Who are these women and why are they dressed this way? The photograph has captured my imagination.
Michelle has added the following credits:

Avalon (left) wears Blade's corset over Couture Salon's panties, Couture Swallow's suspender belt and hose, Will obi, collar and cuffs, and Couture Salon's fascinator. Karma (right) wears 2008 Paris Exclusive silver corset (reversed) with Coal's panties and hose, Enetophobia ruff, and Avalon's lace gauntlets. Dolls and all clothing by Superfrock.

See more of Visibly Vintage's wonderful photography at the following sites.

Congratulations, Michelle, on the Picture of the Week Award!