Picture of the Week Award ~ November 15, 2009

This week's photograph will stop you in your tracks! The photographer is Michelle Blankenship aka Visibly Vintage.

Pictured are two Sybarites, Avalon and Karma, showing off their curvaceous bodies. Michelle has applied a vintage effect to the image which adds interest and mystery. The image draws me in and makes me wonder what is going on. Who are these women and why are they dressed this way? The photograph has captured my imagination.
Michelle has added the following credits:

Avalon (left) wears Blade's corset over Couture Salon's panties, Couture Swallow's suspender belt and hose, Will obi, collar and cuffs, and Couture Salon's fascinator. Karma (right) wears 2008 Paris Exclusive silver corset (reversed) with Coal's panties and hose, Enetophobia ruff, and Avalon's lace gauntlets. Dolls and all clothing by Superfrock.

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Congratulations, Michelle, on the Picture of the Week Award!


  1. I love every pics from Michele and this one is really to die for again !
    Really great job all the line and very creative ideas !

    Hugs to you Terry !


  2. Great picture, Michele.. and great reporting, Terri. Always a pleasure to stop by, and read your blog entries.

  3. Thanks so much Karine and James and a huge thanks to Terri for the honor! I really appreciate it! xxx

  4. could not have agreed more with the PHOTO of choice... Congratulations, Michelle.... as always Terri, much appreciated all your GREAT & HARD work here....