Goldmine: A New AvantGuard Doll

Here she is in all her glory. I like her. The outfit is fantastic. The wig is mohair. I hope she looks exactly like the picture provided by Integrity!

Handmade Couture for Fashion Royalty

If you buy on eBay you probably have seen hundreds of OOAK and handmade items for your 1/6 scale divas. I'm sure you check feedback before plunking down that Paypal payment. A seller who has many comments about late delivery and a less than stellar record usually does not get my business but I couldn't resist this time. In December I purchased two gowns from Parawatee, formerly TD Fashions. I bought them about two weeks apart. The first, paid for on December 15 has not arrived and I had to file with Paypal to get action. Parawatee does not speak enough English to be able to communicate even in a very simple form. But this woman knows how to sew. Aside from Jason Wu's creations for Fashion Royalty and Gene Marshall, these are the finest items I have ever seen for modern fashion dolls. The detail, the fit and the finish is superb. If this seller could improve her language skills and ability to ship on time, she'd probably be sold out.

Purchase price was $49.99 plus $7. to ship. Gown did not come with any accessories. Most of her gowns run about $69.99. My model is A Fashionable Life Vanessa. Jewelry is by Joy.


BLACK CANARY™: Blonde Bombshell

This doll needs to live here! I could just drive over to the Tonner Company Store and get her but I am so accustomed to getting Tonner dolls at a discount from dealers, that I have resisted since she came out.
The retail (that's the only way to get her) price of each doll is $159. plus tax (I live in the tax kingdom of New York). She would cost me about $172.50. They are all limited to 200. Do I wait for a sale? Maybe I'll just go over there and pet her.

The entire line of Women of Power is so appealing. The idea that these gorgeous looking, beautifully dressed women have super powers intrigues me.

The five "fashion inspired super heroines" are from top left in the following order Diana of Themiscira (Wonder Woman), Kara of Krypton (Supergirl) aka The Girl of Steel and cousin to Kal-El, Black Canary (The Blonde Bombshell) aka Dinah Lance, Mera, Queen of Atlantis who is married to Oris (aka Aquaman), and Poison Ivy: Sealed with a Kiss.

Photos property of Tonner Doll Company. Tonner Direct


My Discobum Has Arrived!

Although designed for Sybarite dolls, I will be using this with my 12" gals. It makes a perfect couch.
I love it and will be photographing it ALOT.

You can find it at this location http://www.superdollonline.co.uk/acatalog/OUTFITS___Accessories.html

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Confidential: secrets, teasers and hidden faces.

If she looks as good from the front as the side, I might have to have her.

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