Will there be a W Club camera?

"High Fashion World Inspires New Exclusive Digital Camera Line"
Read about the collaboration between General Imaging Corporation and Jason Wu at this link:


Sweetness and Light ~ Puki Ruby in Boneka

It's time for a break from the world of sophisticated fashion dolls. Here's a picture of my tiny bjd, Puki Ruby. She's from Fairyland and joins her sister, Puki Puki. I know; it's such a silly name.
Tiny Puki dolls are just under 4.5 inches - pocket sized. They stand very easily on their own and their articulation is wonderful without kickiness. Ruby's wig is a FairyLand product. (Bobbie/Black/$21)  I've ordered several less expensive tiny wigs and none of them fit as well.
 The dress is felt and is a Boneka product as are the shoes. Denver Doll offers a nice selection of Boneka dresses for these dolls.  Prices range from $17 to $42.

The shoes are handmade leather and certainly worth $18.

Basic (nude) Pukis cost $138. If you purchase directly from FairyLand, you will pay a hefty shipping fee. I buy from Denver Doll Emporium. Their response time is excellent. If an item is in stock, it often ships the same day you order.

Check out FairyLand's website and then go to Denver Doll Emporium to buy.


Brilliance Monogram Doll Pictures

As I photographed her, I began to like her more although this is one Monogram doll who will have her outfit changed along with the wig. She has great potential. I find her to be beautiful but conservative.

The wig fits very well. It's the same style as the recent Avantguard dolls...center part gathered at the nape of the neck.
There are annoying issues with the outfit. The shoes are way too long which is a shame because I love the style. Is this going to be the problem of the year? The skirt is just the right length and the jacket fits properly. In couture dressmaking, lining up stripes and patterns across a seam or jacket front is a sign of fine workmanship. It would have been nearly impossible to do this on a doll fashion that wasn't completely hand made. In addition, the white machine top-stitching on the black fabric of the jacket is out of scale. Sewing machines can make shorter stitches.
I'm not sure how to put the hat on and I didn't want to mess up the wig so I didn't even try.

"Dribbling Information and Internal Misunderstandings"

Members of the W Club were sent an apology for not having been informed that the FR Monogram Brilliance doll is wigged. I'm quite certain it was not anyone's intention to conceal this information.

The excuses? This is the funny part.

1. "dolls have been mistakenly sent to dealers" (To whom were they supposed to be sent?)
2. "accidentally shipped to dealers early due to an internal misunderstanding" (What is an internal misunderstanding? I thought they ship the dolls as soon as they're ready.)
3. "information...dribbled out due to this shipping error" (Dribbling information is not the same as dribbling lack of information.)

So they made a mistake or a few mistakes. Fessing up is good.

I'm glad the doll is wigged. It will be fun to have a wigged doll in this line.


NEWS FLASH!!! "Brilliance" Monogram Doll is a Wigged Doll!

Was this supposed to be a secret? This fact was never revealed. The doll was shown with her hair and no information about her being wigged.

These are Integrity Toys' images of the doll:

I previously made a comment about the doll's hair looking messy. Who knew?


Picture of the Week Award ~ February 21, 2010

This week's featured photograph is by Rebecca Ruiz. The doll is an Iplehouse Special Edition Yur in Realskin. She is 65cm (25.6") tall and has the Special Edition face-up from Iplehouse. Mirielle Clemenceau is the doll's name.
Rebecca told me that she prefers outdoor lighting but for this picture she used small photo lights that came in a set that included a light tent. She got the idea for the behind-the-scenes pictures from a huge poster seen recently in Paris subway stations.

I asked Rebecca if she had any suggestions for doll photographers. Here is a summary of her reply:
A good camera is a big help. Buying an SLR is worth putting off the purchase of that next doll. I have a Nikon D50 and a few separate lenses. I especially like my f1.8 50mm lens.

Rebecca looks in magazines, at paintings in books and at movies for ideas and enjoys hunting for props and backgrounds. When shooting out-of-doors she has gotten used to the stares and questions of passersby. Most have been curious and positive.

To see more of her beautiful collection and pictures, click here.

Congratulations, Rebecca, on the Picture of the Week Award.