Sweetness and Light ~ Puki Ruby in Boneka

It's time for a break from the world of sophisticated fashion dolls. Here's a picture of my tiny bjd, Puki Ruby. She's from Fairyland and joins her sister, Puki Puki. I know; it's such a silly name.
Tiny Puki dolls are just under 4.5 inches - pocket sized. They stand very easily on their own and their articulation is wonderful without kickiness. Ruby's wig is a FairyLand product. (Bobbie/Black/$21)  I've ordered several less expensive tiny wigs and none of them fit as well.
 The dress is felt and is a Boneka product as are the shoes. Denver Doll offers a nice selection of Boneka dresses for these dolls.  Prices range from $17 to $42.

The shoes are handmade leather and certainly worth $18.

Basic (nude) Pukis cost $138. If you purchase directly from FairyLand, you will pay a hefty shipping fee. I buy from Denver Doll Emporium. Their response time is excellent. If an item is in stock, it often ships the same day you order.

Check out FairyLand's website and then go to Denver Doll Emporium to buy.


  1. Terri, thanks for posting Puki. I am a big fan of hers. :)
    I don't own one.. but would like to.

  2. So adorable! I'm starting to really like these tiny little BJD's! Thanks for including them on your blog!