"Eric Raymond's No. 1 Henchman: Zipper!" A new JEM character debuts.

According to Integrity Toys, there are very "few items left before the Jem and the Holograms line is officially retired." That's definitely not an issue for this collector. However, as I've said many times previously, most of the male dolls throughout the years have been exceptional. This new doll is another interesting addition to the "Hommes."
Zipper comes with rooted and flocked blonde and jet black hair. Yes, there are two to choose from. He wears jeans, a white t-shirt and a cute faux leather jacket and also comes with a hoodie and sweatpants which are called a "thief outfit." No weapons this time although there is something that looks like a coil of thin rope.

If I were going to order, I'd get the Jet Black one. IMO the sculpt looks better with the black hair.

Each doll is an LE of 200 with a price of $130. plus shipping.
They will be sold only through IT Direct:

Item # 14094A (Blond) or 14094B (Jet Black)
Approximate Ship Date: Now In-Stock (Shipping shortly after payment is received)
Suggested Retail Price: $130.00 + Shipping and Handling Per Figure
Head Sculpt: Zipper (New Sculpt!)
Body Type: Homme 1.0
Skintone: FR White
Hair Color: Blond or Jet Black (Depending on version)
Eyelashes: No