You should have bought her...

With all the hullabaloo going on about the tattoos on the new Tokidoki doll, she is sold out pretty much everywhere. What a riot! The funniest part of it is, if you look on eBay at the completed listings, you will find that one sold today for $274.99. Another twenty-one dolls sold for $200. or more since yesterday and scores of others sold for more than $100. The retail price of Tokidoki was $50. I got mine for $30.  Who knew?  I do not plan to sell mine but if I had purchased more than one you'd better believe she'd be on eBay right now.


Talc Goes Riding?

Fashion by Alwin Roos. Wig by Michael in Hawaii. Horse by Breyers Choice.


Tonner: Two Decades of Fashion & Design

Robert Tonner celebrates twenty years in the business this year. FDQ has published this limited edition book featuring highlights from the past two decades. From his first porcelain models to Freedom For Fashion, this is a wonderful guide to the highlights of one of the most creative and successful artists in the doll industry. Color, 148 pages LE 1000 

Click here to order this gorgeous book for only $32.99 FDQ ships internationally.

Pantone Barbie

The beyond literal interpretation left me almost speechless (almost being the operative word.) Pantone Barbie is not an unattractive doll and I even like the style of the dress but I keep staring at her the same way I'd stare at a car accident. I want to look away but I can't.

If you aren't familiar with Pantone, it is the name of a company whose color matching system is used by print professionals, all types of designers and other artists. The Pantone website is fascinating.

Doll is available at dealers for pre-order,  December delivery. $49.95


Having a Barbie Moment

Angelica wearing Silkstone Ekaterina's outfit and Tarina Tarantino wearing a Poppy Parker outfit.

Victoire Roux, Parisian Fashion Model

Integrity Toys is populating their new IT Direct branch with four stand alone dolls that use previously seen sculpts and a new line called Les Silhouettes Collection. I couldn't help but think of Michel Couture Hayworth's  Flavia, Grand Duchesse de Beauharnaise. when first reading Integrity's  titles and the description.

Here is the description from IT:

Faubourg Saint-Honoré
Victoire Roux Dressed Doll
Les Silhouettes Collection

When Christophe Marquis first invited Victoire to visit his shop and review his first collection, sales were a little slow. The war had taken its toll on everyone in Europe, except Victoire Roux that is. No matter what, she had always made it a point to stand proud, never let herself go and always look her best to help boost everyone's morale. In other words, she resisted the invader with glamour and flair! Of course, the minute she walked in, she spotted a few outfits she liked, switched a few things over, added her own twist and voila, every sophisticated Parisian socialite was suddenly whispering about Monsieur Marquis' little shop on Avenue Montaigne. Fashion history had just received its first victorious shock treatment, Victoire Roux style! Costumes are designed to fit most 12-inch fashion dolls. Includes outfit, shoes and accessories.

Avenue Montaigne
Doll Costume
Les Silhouettes Collection

My photo shows Victoire without her cropped yellow jacket. I added the cigarette holder. The Avenue Montaigne fashion is on the mannequin. It comes with a hat and a longer pair of the potholder gloves seen on the table. 

Victoire uses a former Dynamite Girls sculpt and the Vampire body. Luckily she does not have fangs or at least she's got them retracted. She has removable hands but does not come with extra hands. The face-up is very attractive and she has applied lashes. The period hairstyle was done expertly and will last forever as it is rock hard. I like it that way.

Available only at the convention these items were priced at $125 for the dressed doll and $75. for the separate fashion plus tax of 9%.

Tatyana Alexandrova ~ Exceptional

When I saw this doll's outfit, I wanted it. I did not like any previous Tatyana release so I thought I'd be selling her head. Well, she is staying. The only thing I want to change is the dark lines which were painted between the outer edges of her lips. It just doesn't belong there and does not help the doll or make sense at all.

I Photoshopped the lips and I am quite pleased with the difference.

Here she meets the Rudettes:

The handbag she is carrying below is a Purse of the Month item from a while back. When I saw the handbag that came with in her box, I thought that the gal from whom I purchased the doll had enclosed a gift for me. I did not think the purse came with Tatyana because it did not make sense color wise. But then I looked at the promotional photo and from the side, it's the same bag. It's no wonder the promo doesn't show the face of the bag.

I absolutely love the dress and the fabric. The design is embroidered onto the fabric. The shoes are great and the hat is cool. She comes with a wonderful ring and earrings with a pumpkin color stones. The factory actually came very close to good bangs on this doll.


Seen on the Pink Parlor: Convention Dolls

Today Johanna aka Stinker's Stuff posted gorgeous photos of three of her convention dolls. I had to share some of them here with you. Johanna made all the dresses.

Have you visited Johanna's website? Grab a cup of coffee and get looking!