Vintage New Year Postcards

Wishing all my readers a wonderful 2012. May the world experience an economic recovery and may all who are hungry, sick and lonely find help.


Geometry - All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Go

Is that all there is?

 Geometry is dressed in Ficon's "Tree of Joy" dress and "black gold" shoes.

Reinterpreted Runway Fashion - Everybody's Doing It

Christian Dior Spring 2011 Couture

2011 Tonner Convention "Joyeux" Tyler BJD


New Basic Devon

My new Devon had some time in front of the camera yesterday. She's dressed in a little fashion from Emilia Nieminen's "Torn" collection. The platinum wig is by Cheryl Wood.

Here she is in her original wig which, by the way, is way too large for her head. Even with a wig cap, it doesn't stay on.
The Numina have amazinly beautiful bodies; however, their stability needs to be improved. The joints at the hips are loose and the knee joints bend from side to side making posing quite a task. In the full image above, I had to put her on a stand and Photoshop the stand out of the picture.
I don't know how to wire a BJD to control this type of problem. Perhaps a reader can offer information because I want to keep her. I have many gorgeous fashions for her to model.

2011 10th Anniversary Veronique FR2 Doll

 This is a very pretty Veronique. She is the original Vero sculpt. I had two others here which were on their way to other people and each one had her hair done with very noticeable differences. They are all done by hand after all.

I think the real reason I ordered this doll was for the FR2 body. I have to reevaluate my reasons for purchasing IT products even more this coming year. I am not into the teenager-type looking dolls and that is a big portion of their product. Buck-toothed (defanged) looks will never make it here. I don't collect any of the new sculpts except Elise and Dasha. I have plenty of Monogram dolls already and I don't see a big future for the original Vanessa sculpt in the hands of the current designers.
How many fishtail, lace covered gowns can one collection support? If the creativity comes forth with less repetitive designs, I may be interested. But with a season of trending hair bumps and trench coats behind us, there's little hope.

Tonner's Theatre de la Mode Midnight #63

This is one of the three new TDLM releases from Robert Tonner. I did not purchase the dressed doll as I did  Noir #99. I thought they looked too much alike.
Here is the promotional image.

My model is Scintillating Ashleigh.

I'm sure you know how it is when you buy something because it's part of a collection even when you don't want it? That's what happened with Midnight. It's a pretty dress but it would be most suitable for an afternoon funeral. It has some nice shirring detail on the bodice and the fabric is lovely but beyond that it's blah. I couldn't get the feather headpiece to stay on Ashleigh's hair - I didn't try very hard. My dress has a construction defect in that the closure at the neck causes the bow to be off center. That actually creates some interest. Perhaps it's not a defect. I would LOVE to see the original TDLM dress from which this design was taken.

Do you remember Purely Platinum?
I still have this TDLM Tyler doll - but not the dress. I think Midnight and Platinum would look beautiful displayed next to each other.  I wonder why Royale #82 is taking so long. It should have been released early December.


Devon and Talc

I was having fun taking pictures with my iPhone yesterday. Once I got them into my computer, I played around in Photoshop. This image pleased me.


Miniature Mac Laptop

Isn't this the cutest prop?  It is a miniature Macintosh Laptop.  No, it doesn't work silly! It cost all of $5.60,  came all the way from China and took just under 3 weeks to get here.

With dimensions of : 3.66" x 2.56" x 0.35", it would be too large for a 12" doll but it's perfect for 16" - 19" dolls.  They have miniature iPhones, too, but they are out of scale for these dolls.

Link to the seller: http://www.dealextreme.com/p/apple-macbook-shaped-cosmetic-mirror-silver-91010


Fashion Doll Agency Marcella Gets A New Outfit

I had to unpack Marcella in order for her to check out the new outfit I purchased for her. This was made by Michael Scott and included everything but the boots. This gal is the oddest size and pretty much nothing that exists for 16" dolls fits her.


W Club Registration is Open

Time to once again be part of one of the most clever doll marketing schemes, the W Club. Brainchild of owner Carol Roth, the W Club has been in business since 2005. Members are essentially those to whom Integrity Toys markets their products.

The base membership is $50. For that price you receive first to know information about the products, access to exclusive W Club merchandise including the opportunity to buy four W Club exclusive dolls and lotteries to buy other dolls.

Along with the basic membership you can order optional dolls for more money.

For more detailed information, go to this link and read all about it.