2011 10th Anniversary Veronique FR2 Doll

 This is a very pretty Veronique. She is the original Vero sculpt. I had two others here which were on their way to other people and each one had her hair done with very noticeable differences. They are all done by hand after all.

I think the real reason I ordered this doll was for the FR2 body. I have to reevaluate my reasons for purchasing IT products even more this coming year. I am not into the teenager-type looking dolls and that is a big portion of their product. Buck-toothed (defanged) looks will never make it here. I don't collect any of the new sculpts except Elise and Dasha. I have plenty of Monogram dolls already and I don't see a big future for the original Vanessa sculpt in the hands of the current designers.
How many fishtail, lace covered gowns can one collection support? If the creativity comes forth with less repetitive designs, I may be interested. But with a season of trending hair bumps and trench coats behind us, there's little hope.

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  1. She is beautifull... too bad I had that Victoire "marked" for so long. I would have liked to at least photograph her =)

    ...maybe if I find one with a good price down the road! Love her haircolor. I'm not crazy about the hairstyle though... Let's see if someone takes her hair down!! There are many brave collectors out there!! (also I can't wait to see some reroots ^_^)