Fashion Doll Agency Marcella Gets A New Outfit

I had to unpack Marcella in order for her to check out the new outfit I purchased for her. This was made by Michael Scott and included everything but the boots. This gal is the oddest size and pretty much nothing that exists for 16" dolls fits her.


  1. She is lovely Terri. I have Pola, and really enjoy putting her in Integrity Homme clothes, also some Ellowyne and Delilah items. If you ever tire of Marcella, I would love to buy her!
    Thanks for your lovely pix!
    Anne Moore in Saskatchewan Canada

  2. @Anne: Thanks for your comments. I tried to sell her for the longest time along with the rest of my FDA dolls. They were all sold and she was the only one that remained. I will keep you in mind if I do ever decide to part with her. I still have her original fashion.

  3. Wow she looks fab! Love the outfit.

  4. These dolls are stunning, but their measures do seem awckward =) I *love`their original fashions, but this one from Michael is also really great on that girl!!