Just When You Thought Barbie Couldn't Get Worse...

...they've turned her into the housing for a video camera.

She is called "Barbie Video Girl Doll." Golly gee, what a creative title!

Here is the description from the BC.Com website:

Lights, BARBIE®, action! Barbie® doll is not just a doll, she's a video camera, too! A real video camera inside Barbie® doll features a camera lens hidden in her necklace and a video screen on her back that allows girls to record and view movies instantly. It's moviemaking from a Barbie® doll's point of view—literally! Includes USB plug-in cord. Doll is Windows/ MAC compatible. Doll cannot stand alone. For ages 5 and over.

I admit that the doll has one thing going for her, she's Mac compatible. At least someone over at Mattel has a brain. But seriously, shouldn't the doll look like a photographer or something related to movie making? I just don't get it.
Does she have to be undressed in order for her user to see the video screen? I'm intrigued now. I might have to hunt this one down just to examine it.

Anyway, the next time someone waves a freaky-looking Barbie doll at you in a bathroom,

Smile, you're on Barbie-cam!


Brides of Dracula ~ The Contessa

The Contessa arrived today, fangs and all. It's a shame I don't like fangs (on dolls, that is) because there is a lot to like about this doll!

But you can send me Eric -> or Bill -> with fangs, without fangs...any old, dead way.

The packaging is very nice with the window box showing the entire doll. Box has a magnetic closure.
Contessa's gown is a 4 layered affair - the lining, the underskirt, the wine-colored layer and an over-layer of black mesh. The trim is nicely applied around the edges of the skirt layers and there's a tiny trim of lacy edging at the bodice. The corset looks like a separate piece but is sewn on and has stitching that resembles boning. Overall the quality is excellent. Her shoes are faux leather with a decorative detail and ribbon ties. The fashion is completed with long black gloves, black stud earrings and a simple multi-strand chain choker.

The body is the surprise. She's got a full-sized Fashion Royalty bust with a slim waist and hips.The hip joints have more movement than do those of Fashion Royalty dolls and this doll can sit at a 45° angle. Nice. I am impressed with the total package in spite of the high retail price of $149.99. Many dealers are discounting the doll by $20 or more.
There is a Certificate of Authenticity but no edition size. All the CoA says is that once this edition is closed, no more will be made. That means it's an open edition. No surprise there.
See you at Fangtasia?


More New Gene Marshall Stuff

So much stuff, so little room.
I have finally gotten around to photographing some of my existing dolls in the separate baggie fashions I purchased at the convention, such as Green Eyes and Tornado. I am in awe of the quality of fabric and construction of these items. In particular The Irene and Green Eyes gowns blew me away. I had no idea that these items were so gorgeous. The models are Gene dolls that were already in my collection, "Heavenly" first and one of the debut Gene dolls with an updo by Jim Gaddis.

Marsha Hunt's The Irene Gown

Green Eyes Gown

Here is Gene from the Lone Star Convention wearing Bellwether Oona's gown. I have changed the pink gloves to a frosty green pair and given her red platform pumps. The plastic beige pumps that came with this outfit were shameful.
Rose Rogue in "Tornado" I pressed the skirts on this gown and the overall appearance is much improved.Star Entrance in Madra's "Rich Girl"Suited to a T in "Safari" an Ashton Drake fashion I picked up in a room sale for $15. It comes with a pith helmet of metal and another item. Too bad the pants are so short. The shoes aren't suitable for the fashion. She needs boots!My new BJD Deneuve whose name has been changed to Diana (Princess Diana de Neuve) wears "Imperial She."
Finally deboxed the convention doll, "Stardust." She's OK. I don't care for her hair which is gelled into three hardened distinct clumps and there have been prettier Gene dolls. But her gown and jewelry are very lovely and high quality.

My overall impression of the convention dolls and is that they were as high quality as possible. The designs were spot on and the variety and selection were just perfection. The only flaw was the plastic shoes on two of the dolls. Compared to the rest of the collection, that seemed like an accident! The bargains offered in the salesroom were unbelievable. I have a wonderful collection of gorgeous Gene fashions to add to my stash.

Gene Marshall Centerpiece Doll Sells for $1,015.05

The Thursday night centerpiece from the Stardust convention closed at auction for the unbelievable price of $1015.05. There were 34 bids placed by 12 bidders. Bidding started at only .99 and quickly went up to over $400 on the first day. The edition size is 160+ which is not a small edition. She was the prettiest Gene of the entire convention because of the adorable outfit but besides that, nothing. Sometimes one sees a similar pretty doll go for a very high price at charity auctions. That I can understand.

Shipping was only $7.55. I think the seller will add insurance to this one. Several of her other Stardust auctions barely made it to retail. The convention doll sold for only $178.50. The Trent centerpiece sold for only $184.49.

The seller is oxo.aqualung.oxo from Delaware. Some of us collectors believe that this person is a member of the Newsum family or connected to Integrity Toys in some way as they seem to have every single new doll that comes out up for auction on eBay immediately.

I would like to know who bought the doll. Maybe it was Jason.

Gene Marshall "Blue Avenue"
Photo property of Integrity Toys


The Picture of the Week Feature is on Vacation

It was becoming more work and less fun so I'm changing things around a bit. When I find an image I'd like to feature, I will call it a "noteworthy photo" and go from there. If you have a suggestion for a different name, I'd like to hear it.

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