Gene Marshall Centerpiece Doll Sells for $1,015.05

The Thursday night centerpiece from the Stardust convention closed at auction for the unbelievable price of $1015.05. There were 34 bids placed by 12 bidders. Bidding started at only .99 and quickly went up to over $400 on the first day. The edition size is 160+ which is not a small edition. She was the prettiest Gene of the entire convention because of the adorable outfit but besides that, nothing. Sometimes one sees a similar pretty doll go for a very high price at charity auctions. That I can understand.

Shipping was only $7.55. I think the seller will add insurance to this one. Several of her other Stardust auctions barely made it to retail. The convention doll sold for only $178.50. The Trent centerpiece sold for only $184.49.

The seller is oxo.aqualung.oxo from Delaware. Some of us collectors believe that this person is a member of the Newsum family or connected to Integrity Toys in some way as they seem to have every single new doll that comes out up for auction on eBay immediately.

I would like to know who bought the doll. Maybe it was Jason.

Gene Marshall "Blue Avenue"
Photo property of Integrity Toys


  1. This seller must have connections.
    They also seem to always have more than one- even when it's a tiny edition.

  2. This was my fave doll from the Convention too, and at some point, I hope to have her in my collection. Still, I don't think she is so special as to pay that much. Patience will pay off as I am sure she will become available again on ebay at a lower price, if not sooner than sometime in the near future. The high price paid had more to do with her difficulty to get and the buzz surrounding her (supply & demand) than anything else. Just my 'pinion!