Integrity Toys 2015 Spring Collection

On Saturday, May 16th, Alain Tremblay, Carol Roth, David Buttry and Vaughn Sawyer worked the eager, tuned-in masses of the W Club with the introduction of the new dolls. It was noted that these are not all the 2015 dolls. Roth gushed over the fact that this is the 10th Anniversary of the W Club and the 20th Anniversary of Integrity Toys.

First up is the new Katy Keene line that I was so looking forward to. It was a little disappointing to hear that they used the Color Infusion/Jem Body. A larger busted, more curvy body would have been perfect for a doll from this era. As far as re-using existing sculpts, why not make the doll look like Katy Keene? All that work put in to a new line and for what?
I would have bought the entire line; as it was, I pre-ordered only "Blue Serenade" and "Shimmering Dynasty."
I love the suits on Lorelei and Gloria but not the dolls so much. The Jem sculpt leaves me cold.

Lucky Red Lorelei  Jem sculpt
"Winning Number" LE 425 
Gloria Grandbuilt  Tilda Brisby sculpt
"The Odds Are Stacked" LE 500

Katy Keene Sculpt: Jem 'Rapture' and Darby Kenner
"Blue Serenade" LE 500
Evening gown adapted from the comic itself.

Katy Keene
"Shimmering Dynasty" LE 500
Black holographic sequin gown lots of jewelry.
Katy Keene
"Everything's Keene" LE 500  Gift Set

Prices of the Katy Keene were $145. per dressed doll and $185. for the gift set.

Vaughn Sawyer introduced the FR 16 line. 

He said his inspiration was "Strong, independent, powerful women, classic clothing, timeless fashion." I think in most cases he achieved that. For me, the handbags were the highlight of this particular line and the toned-down eye makeup. He explained that it's not airbrushed but they attempted a style to resemble airbrushing.
My favorite outfit was Fall Phenomenon. Exuberance was a crowd favorite.
I didn't order any of the FR16.

"Super Natural" Anais McKnight DD LE400  $175.
 "Incognito" Elsa Lin DD LE400  $175.

"Fall Phenomenon" Elsa Lin DD LE400 $175.

"Shades of Grey" Hanne Erickson DD LE 400  $175.

"Exuberance" Hanne Erickson DD   LE 400  $200.


Poppy Parker  The Model Scene Collection  Later 60's
Inspiration: (David Buttry) Diana Vreeland's Fashion Models
I don't collect Poppy Parker but I think this collection is quite successful and I preordered three from this line! Had I been a collector I would have ordered three more. Spring Song was surprising for it's unusual character role that Poppy plays. It's my least favorite. My overall favorite is The Camera Loves Her. I love the era she portrays and the fashion is adorable. The black Poppy Parker "Midas Touch" is very pretty and her outfit is also adorable. And then I couldn't resist Nigel because of his cool jacket. I have a great group of Hommes in my FR collection and he will definitely add another dimension.

"Go See!" LE750   $120

"Spring Song" LE800  $120
Romantic Edwardian look 

"The Camera Loves Her" LE 800   $120  

"Hippie Dippy" mini giftset LE 700
IT direct exclusive $130.

"The Midas Touch"  LE 600  $120
Poppy Parker DD  AA skintone

"Wedding Belle"  LE900  $120

"Out of this World"  LE 900   $120

"Peace, Love and Soul" LE 500   $120
Darla Daley 

"Hot Shot"  LE 600  $120
Nigel North   New Sculpt


Vaughn Sawyer
Fashion Royalty designers met with Jason who suggested debs and socialites of the early 60's.

"Style Notes" Isha LE 700 $135.
Sleek and sophisticated.

"Prestige" Natalia  LE 700  $135.
Nice suit but the hat is a jarring accessory. 

 "Decorum" Eugenia LE800  $135.

"Refinement" Vanessa 3.0 LE 800   $145.
Under the coat is a smart black skirt and shirt.

"Fine Print" Elise Jolie LE800  $145.
I love the fashion. I wish the hairstyle were more interesting.

"Fame Fable" Kyori Sato  LE 700   $135.

"Timeless" Adele Makeda (3.0)  LE700  $135.
Disastrous color dress for this doll. The gown is very Disney Princess.

"Perfect Reign" Tatyana Alexandrova (2.0)  LE 700  $135.
Beautiful Tatyana. I've never seen her look better.


"Royal Treatment" Veronique - cream skin tone  $225.
Special Event Doll Gift Set


For a great visual comparison of Integrity Toy's female bodies, Michaela Unbenau's Flickr page has pictures.