Integrity Toys 2015 Spring Collection

On Saturday, May 16th, Alain Tremblay, Carol Roth, David Buttry and Vaughn Sawyer worked the eager, tuned-in masses of the W Club with the introduction of the new dolls. It was noted that these are not all the 2015 dolls. Roth gushed over the fact that this is the 10th Anniversary of the W Club and the 20th Anniversary of Integrity Toys.

First up is the new Katy Keene line that I was so looking forward to. It was a little disappointing to hear that they used the Color Infusion/Jem Body. A larger busted, more curvy body would have been perfect for a doll from this era. As far as re-using existing sculpts, why not make the doll look like Katy Keene? All that work put in to a new line and for what?
I would have bought the entire line; as it was, I pre-ordered only "Blue Serenade" and "Shimmering Dynasty."
I love the suits on Lorelei and Gloria but not the dolls so much. The Jem sculpt leaves me cold.

Lucky Red Lorelei  Jem sculpt
"Winning Number" LE 425 
Gloria Grandbuilt  Tilda Brisby sculpt
"The Odds Are Stacked" LE 500

Katy Keene Sculpt: Jem 'Rapture' and Darby Kenner
"Blue Serenade" LE 500
Evening gown adapted from the comic itself.

Katy Keene
"Shimmering Dynasty" LE 500
Black holographic sequin gown lots of jewelry.
Katy Keene
"Everything's Keene" LE 500  Gift Set

Prices of the Katy Keene were $145. per dressed doll and $185. for the gift set.

Vaughn Sawyer introduced the FR 16 line. 

He said his inspiration was "Strong, independent, powerful women, classic clothing, timeless fashion." I think in most cases he achieved that. For me, the handbags were the highlight of this particular line and the toned-down eye makeup. He explained that it's not airbrushed but they attempted a style to resemble airbrushing.
My favorite outfit was Fall Phenomenon. Exuberance was a crowd favorite.
I didn't order any of the FR16.

"Super Natural" Anais McKnight DD LE400  $175.
 "Incognito" Elsa Lin DD LE400  $175.

"Fall Phenomenon" Elsa Lin DD LE400 $175.

"Shades of Grey" Hanne Erickson DD LE 400  $175.

"Exuberance" Hanne Erickson DD   LE 400  $200.


Poppy Parker  The Model Scene Collection  Later 60's
Inspiration: (David Buttry) Diana Vreeland's Fashion Models
I don't collect Poppy Parker but I think this collection is quite successful and I preordered three from this line! Had I been a collector I would have ordered three more. Spring Song was surprising for it's unusual character role that Poppy plays. It's my least favorite. My overall favorite is The Camera Loves Her. I love the era she portrays and the fashion is adorable. The black Poppy Parker "Midas Touch" is very pretty and her outfit is also adorable. And then I couldn't resist Nigel because of his cool jacket. I have a great group of Hommes in my FR collection and he will definitely add another dimension.

"Go See!" LE750   $120

"Spring Song" LE800  $120
Romantic Edwardian look 

"The Camera Loves Her" LE 800   $120  

"Hippie Dippy" mini giftset LE 700
IT direct exclusive $130.

"The Midas Touch"  LE 600  $120
Poppy Parker DD  AA skintone

"Wedding Belle"  LE900  $120

"Out of this World"  LE 900   $120

"Peace, Love and Soul" LE 500   $120
Darla Daley 

"Hot Shot"  LE 600  $120
Nigel North   New Sculpt


Vaughn Sawyer
Fashion Royalty designers met with Jason who suggested debs and socialites of the early 60's.

"Style Notes" Isha LE 700 $135.
Sleek and sophisticated.

"Prestige" Natalia  LE 700  $135.
Nice suit but the hat is a jarring accessory. 

 "Decorum" Eugenia LE800  $135.

"Refinement" Vanessa 3.0 LE 800   $145.
Under the coat is a smart black skirt and shirt.

"Fine Print" Elise Jolie LE800  $145.
I love the fashion. I wish the hairstyle were more interesting.

"Fame Fable" Kyori Sato  LE 700   $135.

"Timeless" Adele Makeda (3.0)  LE700  $135.
Disastrous color dress for this doll. The gown is very Disney Princess.

"Perfect Reign" Tatyana Alexandrova (2.0)  LE 700  $135.
Beautiful Tatyana. I've never seen her look better.


"Royal Treatment" Veronique - cream skin tone  $225.
Special Event Doll Gift Set


For a great visual comparison of Integrity Toy's female bodies, Michaela Unbenau's Flickr page has pictures.


  1. I agree with your comments. I usually try to understand the storyline the dolls are trying to tell me - I'm lost. I've been lost for years. Story cards would still help. Disney Princess Adele looks off to me. Maybe it's because I don't recognize her anymore. I really miss the superstar characters that built IT.

    1. I miss the superstar designer and the smaller company ethos.

  2. That's Katy Keene?!? These dolls are beautiful. The quality of these dolls makes me wonder why I even look at Barbie. Well, other than the fact that these dolls are very expensive.

    1. Yes, they are expensive but some of the Barbies are getting up in price, too.
      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I'm with you on the Katy Keene line, I would have liked a different body and a different sculpt for Lorelei in particular -- the bright screening (which is, I suppose, appropriate for Archie-style comic characters) and that fake smile just scream Barbie... :/ I like the outfits, but the only one I jumped on was the giftset. I wonder if that hairstyle will hold up in the production dolls. :D

    I've never been a fan of Poppy, but I did go for Out of This World for the outfit. I do think "Go See!" is one of the nicest Poppy screenings I've seen -- quite different from her usual bold colors.

    1. The Poppy line is really cute. I'm surprised several are still available.
      Thanks for your comments.

  4. I didn't had the chance to watch the webinar live, so I only saw the dolls on the email updates. The first email I opened was the Katy Keene one, and scrolling it, the first doll I saw was Lucky Red Lorelei, and I instantly thought "Out Sass Vanessa". I know there are differences, but there are also many similarities :) I couldn't pre-order much, so I held myself, and only went for Elise (absolutelly love her!! the hair is *almost* to my taste, it just needs a little tweak) and Midas Touch Poppy. I could have easily pre order at least 3 or 4 more dolls (if I could afford them, that is). I wish we would have been delivered Nu Face too. We don't have a regular Nu Face collection for at least 2 years (last year the only Nu Face dolls were the convention ones, if I remember correctly). Personally and overall I wish the fashions were more edgy, but I hope they'll deliver us that with Nu Face in the future. ...and maybe with Dynamite Girls too. The last Misaki fashions were fab. Why can't IT go there with some of the other dolls too? ...everything just seems so recycled.

    1. I almost didn't get Elise. I couldn't make up my mind. But, in the end, the great outfit and the fact that she's my favorite sculpt won me over.

  5. I disagree with your comments about Adele's dress. Timeless Adele is gorgeous and that color looks fabulous on her. Not everyone can wear that color, but she wears it well

  6. I agree with you about the FR16 handbags, they look fabulous! The red and green Katy Keene suits look awesome. I know my Genes would love them if they were in her size. Can't wait to see you this weekend!

  7. There is nothing about Adele that says Disney Princess. She is beautiful, the dress is "Timeless", elegant and classic. The baby blue dress is stunning against her skin tone. LUV,LUV,LUV her!!!

  8. I think the use of CI/Jem bodies and sculpts was intentional to draw in the Jem fans. The timing of the release- and the absence of Jem in this last reveal was just a little too coincidental. The fact that Katy Perry has taken Katy Keen's image as her own also didn't hurt. I think Integrity clearly wanted Jem collectors to get sucked into buying Katy dolls that they would otherwise have passed on had Jem been released at the same time.

    I really don't like 60s fashions at all but I bought the Poppy line just to get Midas Touch, Out of this World, and the Wedding Poppy (although I hate her fashion). I sure hope finding new homes for the others isn't too hard, I hate reselling dolls. In retrospect buying the line was probably a stupid move since I also want to buy KD Eira- and she is supposed to come out this month...

    I thought the dolls in the FR line were beautiful but the fashions boring (luckily for my bank account). I REALLY loved Adele's skin color and hair style, but didn't care for the dress, which seemed... goofy somehow. Disney Princess is a perfect description. No thanks.

    I did get that Hanne "Exuberance" doll for her outfit and jewelry- I sure hope it doesn't disappoint in person, given the price. I think it will look fabulous on Nelson maybe...

    1. People who don't collect other dolls don't understand what we go through.
      Exuberance is special. I didn't order her but she looks great.
      I liked Adele, too, but the dress did not work for me. I think you will be able to sell the rest of your Poppy dolls. Of the seven dolls I pre-ordered, six are still available. My tastes are different. I don't let the club board influence me. In fact, I don't even read most of the reactions. I did get Midas Touch! She's quite unusual and a part of me regrets selling black Vanessa.
      I could go on....
      BTW Your comment about retirement-age dealers was hysterical. My husband and I both got a good chuckle.

    2. Oh right I forgot you were retired- hehe. I was actually thinking of WAY retired ladies- actually two dealers in particular, who are octogenarians and who have both messed up with their post-webinar orders (oversold or who took forever to confirm orders because they don't want to mess up) and who honestly feel terrible about it. I know they aren't as old as my own 95 year old tough-as-nails grandma, but that is exactly who I picture when I see (or hear about) people yelling at these ladies. The post-webinar rush is challenging for even the larger dealers with actual employees - so it would be nice if people just cut grandma a little slack, you know? They're doll collectors too- and they do the best they can. The world won't actually end if we miss out on a plastic Integrity doll...

    3. I was on the phone with George yesterday after his site crashed. He stayed so calm it was amazing. Over the years I've seen people get nasty toward dealers and it's pretty awful.

    4. George holding up so well given what happened is a true test of character. I would have been beside myself. I tried to stick with the site for an hour before giving up. Perhaps we can call it the Midas Crash, because I'm sure it was most of us who were trying for that doll that caused it. :-)

  9. The CI body is large and seriously hideous. The dolls look like giants next to FR and especially Poppy. I seriously detest that body. I also dont know that they used the CI body in order to draw in more Jem fans. I mean, Jem dolls are completely different,

    The whole katy keene line has been an utter disappointment for me. The body is a miss and so are the CI sculpts. Who cares about drawing in Jem fans, they could have used some really popular sculpts with era appropriate screenings and draw in more people in the club, now all the dealers will have dolls on their hands no one wants. Though I must say the only face I loved was Lorelei. Those brows...oh my.

    I do like the rest of the collection as I do like classic styling and am not a big fan of modern wear or whatever you want to call it. Vanessa is hot and Eugenia looks so soft and warm. The giftset is extortion price wise and I hope few people buy it. That'll teach IT a lesson about being greedy and overpricing sh_t.

    And i agree with you, Adele's dress is awful. In fact, it is hideously promy. Something you would expect to find in the prom section of JCPenny or something. I don't know why people compare it to Lupita's gown at Cannes. That gown was NOTHING like this barbie dress. And that poodle hair. Oh my god. Poodele..

  10. Teri! You didn't mention the proliferation of moles in the FR line! They were everywhere. I was zooming in and out of the pictures looking for them! Integrity really doubled down on them this time. Coupled with the moles, the overall styling reminded me of Cinnamon on Mission:impossible. I remember watching it in reruns in the 80s with my Gram. Smart suits and various disguises. IDK this FRline reminds me more of serious spy genres than the actual kitschy spy theme last year in Poppy. Elise is probably my favorite sculpt. Her outfit here seems dowdy somewhat and reminds me of the mom in THe Music Man. But, I ordered her. I transplant all heads to Poppy bodies--they are my fav. Elise always looks nice bc her head is small so she doesn't get the big head syndrome. I don't comment often, but I'm always reading! Thanks for keeping this blog going so consistently. I can't imagine. don

    1. Thank you for your comments! I noticed the moles, too. Strange.
      What do you do with the FR bodies when you take the heads off?

    2. I sell or trade them! They are lovely bodies, but I just love that articulated ankle! I know that ankle joint is controversial. I would really like IT to update the Poppy body to include the newer elbow because they seem to hold poses better. Also, I would like for her to have footspeak with an optional heel foot. I would love an arched foot that can also move back and forth. Don.

  11. The FR16 line seems to be making a real comeback.
    I Love "Exuberance"...and why not she looks like it's a silver knock off of a gold number from a very successful perfume commercial.
    I guess I will have to consider breaking down and buying her. I'm still a little wary after some of quality control issues from recent years.
    As always love the blog.
    Will C.

    1. We'll see what the future holds. I have a few. Some of the fashions are really nice.
      Thanks for your comments, Wil.

    2. I thought the same -- the Exuberance outfit is definitely reminiscent of that gold dress. :D

  12. Great Coverage Terri!
    I liked too much this time because of the classic looks (and handbags too)!
    I ended up with 6 FRs and 4 Poppys (OY) lol

    I did order the Adele but for her body for my 'Muse' Adele 2.0. I plan on cutting the gown to Tea-length and re-fitting it to fit Poppy and tweaking Adele's screening and putting her up for adoption on Muse Adele's original body.
    Adele 3.0 is fine but she does not appeal to me as one of the groups main characters - I wish IT would return to Adele 2.0...(look at the success of Le Smoking Adele last year!)
    I ended up with Natalia, Eugenia, Vanessa, Kyori, Adele and last but not least, Tatyana! Like you, I think she is the most gorgeous Tatyana so far!!

    I did not care for the Event Giftset. I did like the lingerie and sheath was pretty but the overall look of the set for that price didn't tempt me, not even a little bit.

    From the Poppy line, 'Out of this World', 'Midas Touch', 'Go See', 'The Camera Loves Her' are on my pre-order list!

    If Katy Keene had been on the Victoire or FR 3rd Generation body - I would have invested in this line but I have a verrry short attention span for the Jem/CI body.

    The FR16 collection was beautiful but I have one and I barely touch her.
    Like most...I missed seeing the NuFace line and still scratching my head as to why they are so scarce since introducing their new body last Fall...Lets hope they make appearances as special club dolls!

    Thanks again for the fun coverage!

    1. All I want from the FR16 line is the outfit from Fall Phenomenon. It's classy! Otherwise, your Poppy choices are super. Why wasn't the male doll a popular one? I think he's cute. Love his crazy jacket. I think people just would rather spend money on the girls.

  13. The lines seem to quite good. I couldn't participate in the webinar (I was one of the people who couldn't see the video, tried to log off and log in again, and then received the "full" notice). I couldn't place my initial pre-order until several hours after the emails arrived, which meant that I missed Midas Touch. She was the only one I couldn't secure.

    Then, the more I looked at the dolls, the more I liked them. Originally I wasn't going to order Elise, for example, as she looked a bit strange to me. But I ended up ordering her and several others after all. I figured that if I didn't bond with them, I could probably take the rare (for me) step of selling them.

    My final pre-order was most of the FR and Poppy lines. I feel sorry for Nigel and Darla, who don't seem to be getting much love, but they were on the first order I placed. For the 16" line, I only ordered Exuberance, who reminds me of a Sybarite. I may bit the bullet and order Shades of Grey, because I just can't get enough of Hanne. If the Elsa dolls don't sell out and go on sale, I might pick one up as well. Fall would need her hairstyle "de-bumped."

    Still on the fence about the Katy Keene line. I haven't ordered any of them, and it seems that most dealers still have all or most of them in stock. Blue Serenade keeps whispering to me, so I may eventually give in. If the gift set had replaced the lingerie with either a sportswear/separates outfit or even a bathing suit, I would have been more likely to get it right away. I know I'm in a minority, but I don't like lingerie outfits, and we've had a lot of them this year. The exception would be if there is a beautiful peignoir, mules, and (dare I hope) vanity set included.

    1. A vanity set would be a really nice touch!

  14. Nothing I'm interested in, which is good for my wallet and limited display space. Although those Elsa Lin's are lovely.

    The Disney Adele is probably inspired by the Lupita Nyong'o Oscar look, but IT of course didn't get the drape right at that scale.