New Service: Replacement Resin Ball-Jointed Bodies

Dalila Meece posted about replacement body service she is offering to collectors on Prego. I was intrigued so I asked her to talk a bit about her doll background and work.

... he is my own design. About four years ago I was doing mostly repaints, outfits and shoes of all sorts for mostly Tonner size dolls.  I was thinking one day how cool it would be to design my own.  I had never tried it before and it looked like a good challenge.  So I set my mind to it and created my own doll. After a couple of tries along came my guy.

 I really wanted to create a doll that I thought others would enjoy. be more inter-changeable, and have more maneuverability than Tonner's  Matt.  Over the past year I have made some small adjustments to him, including a total of seven different facial sculpts.  I designed him so that a person could interchange his sculpt with ease depending on what they wanted to do with him and the mood.

When Maril asked me if my doll's body would fit a Tonner Matt or Sean head. I leaped at the chance to find out if it would work or not. Matching the skin tones was a little tedious but once I got it right I made sure to write down the recipe for it.
Tonner Head on Resin Body
My doll background came from my hubby's aunt. She loved dolls and when we would go visit her I would get lost in her world of dolls.  I never really collected dolls myself, but have always wanted to. Part of me loves the fact that when I create something, thank goodness I got my father's artistic genes, it will go to someone who loves it so much. What had started in 2005 as just a part-time venture to help supplement our family has turned out to be a larger and much more rewarding small business.

I have attached some pictures of my BJD, repaints and fashions.  Much more pics are here http://daliladolls.deviantart.com/gallery/

 Dalila on the replacement body:
It took me a while to figure out the coloring cocktail but when I did figure it out, I thought it matched well. I used my BJD's body for the project. One thing I did notice is that in natural daylight it matched perfectly, but sometimes under electric lighting it looked a different shade, but not off that much. I think it is just how the lighting reflected it.
The neck size is a perfect match for Matt heads and the body is made to wear Matt size clothes and shoes.
If anyone is interested in something like this please let me know. It is $300 plus shipping.

 There are so many female BJDs out there but the males are few and far between.  Some of Tonner's men would really benefit from one of Dalila's hunky bodies!

You can contact Dalila directly at daliladolls@hotmail.com.

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  1. Thanks for posting this -- those look like awesome bodies!