Kingdom Doll's New Body Debut

Just released, the Electra Gift Set doll features a totally redesigned body. I took several photos of a doll with the prior body to compare it to the new one.
Eden is on the left; Electra is on the right. Their resin tones are different. Electra is fractionally taller.
Note that the low waist joint is gone. I don't miss it at all. It helps the nude body look more attractive.
The legs are more modeled. See the thighs, knees and calves. They're more shapely.
The arms, too, are more defined and toned, if resin can be toned.  Her neck looks a bit longer but I did not measure it.
Looking at the doll from the back, you can see the upper spine articulated on the surface of the resin and her rear end looks so much better without the joint in the way.

The new body is very easy to pose. The joints hold their position quite well.

Personally, I have a problem with her feet having been made so much larger. Although it is ultra hi-fashion, I have a vast collection of shoes, including Sybarite ultra hi-arch heels and not a single pair fits Electra. Not only is the foot's arch more vertical, the new foot is very wide. For selfish reasons, I'd like the foot to be more compatible with some of my existing collection of Kingdom Doll and other shoes. We may need to petition the designers for replacement feet or surrender and buy an entire new wardrobe of shoes. Hopefully we'll be given several pairs of shoes as gifts at the convention. We've been told that new shoes will soon be offered for sale. Resistance may be futile.

 The foot is sculpted beautifully with realistic wrinkling at the back of the heel and the toe bend.

Let's not go here:

A few more shots of Electra.

The gift set itself came with two outfits. One was a bright pink gown with a silver ribbon-like wrap tie and glitter covered silver pumps. You can find a picture of that gown in a prior post.  The other outfit was a black pant suit in the same style as the pant suit from Sinful. A very cute silver shoulder bag, silvery bead necklace and ten skinny bangles were the other fashion accessories.
This set did not come with an additional pair of hands which was very surprising.


Earlier clothing will still fit the new body.

The fun stuff was the contents of her briefcase:
Three passports, each containing her photo,
Three airline tickets,
One hefty gold bar,
Classified job files in a folder with a heavy envelope to hold it all,
Assorted rhinestone diamonds,
Bound stack of $100 bills,

I'm quoting here: "Electra stars in '00 Fabulous' the new series of dolls which feature a character driven interwoven storyline"
Over the years, out of several hundred dolls, I've created back stories for only four of my 16" Tonner dolls. Even the ones meant to represent celebrities were just dolls. Loads of collectors like to make up stories for their dolls and this is perfect for them.  My Electra fits in with her sister Kingdom Dolls.
I admit that I talk to them on occasion and say hello if I've been away for a while. When I'm dressing them, I'll tell them they look great - stuff like that. That's as far as the anthropomorphism goes around here.
I do believe that there is power in play as Robert Tonner says.  I don't think about problems when I play with my dolls. The time just goes by peacefully - unless something doesn't fit and then I get pissed.


This is the beautiful wig she came with.
Beautiful with or without a wig. Also, see the foot standing in the silver pumps.
Clothes Electra is wearing in this photo are not KD.