"The Forum is on a Time Out"

I'm stunned by the notice I've just read when I went to log in to the WClub just now.
ALL members are being punished by having the forum shuttered because a handful of people don't follow the behavioral guidelines.

Why weren't those in question suspended instead of everyone losing privileges?
They say that this is the only way everyone can know where they stand on the issue.

This could have been done another way.

Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at https://www.etsy.com/listing/161647048/time-out-stool

For sure I won't get the opportunity to buy the twins gift set now because I opened my mouth about this .


W Club "Right to Buy" Lottery for Lillith and Eden Gift Set

Many W Club members are keeping their fingers crossed in the hopes that they will be chosen to buy one of these really cute gift sets.  I am hoping to be one of the lucky collectors.

"Poetic Beauty" Lilith and Eden Blair Twin Doll Gift Set
The Heirloom Collection - 2017 Nu.Face Collection
LE 925
Price $199. plus postage.
Body Type NF 3.0
Skin Tone: Cream
Hair Color: Mahogany (Lilith) and Pale Honey (Eden)

I adore their outfits. Look at those boots and handbags! Their earrings are tassels. Absolutely adorable! I'm glad to see that their outfits are different enough from the other's outfit to make them distinctive looking.

Lilith and Eden have always been among the most sought after dolls. They are sometimes released at the same time although not aways in a gift set.

In reverse time order, we've seen:

Lilith "Smoke & Mirrors" and Eden "Trouble"  (Not a gift set.)

Lilith "Editorial Edge "

Eden "High Frequency" and "Sneak Peek" (Not a gift set.)
Lilith OOAK and Eden "Up All Night" (Not a gift set.)

Eden "Wouldn't It Be Lovely" 

 Lilith and Eden Giftset "Never Ordinary" Gift Set

Lilith "Hard Metal

Lilith and Eden "Lead Singles" Gift Set

Eden "Gretel Sweet Nothings"

Lilith "Rocking Ever After"

Lilith and Eden "Wild at Heart Gift Set

Lilith "The Great Pretender

Eden "Style Mantra"

Lilith and Eden "Elements of Surprise" Gift Set

Have you entered the lottery? It closes tomorrow 9/22/17.  (BTW This is only open to W Club members.)