New Superdoll Collection Teaser

Today Superdoll Collectables sent out a teaser email to all it's members. The fashion bits below remind me of Geometry's outfit.

"Trust Funds and Fashion Fun inspire our new SUMMER Collection."

The fashion's patterns and colors remind me a little too much of Geometry's outfit. Hmmmm....they sure know how to arouse interest!

On another royal topic.....

I've been watching The Royals on E and the princess, played by Alexandra Park, is quite the rebel.  The costumes are fabulous. The sets, beautiful. The acting is insane and so much fun. Joan Collins showed up in the last episode looking pretty great for 81 years old. So, in between playing with your dolls, watch it!


Integrity Toys' Next Move - Katy Keene!

Integrity Toys is stepping back in time - to my time - in a new partnership with Archie Comics.
Katy Keene!

When I was a little girl, my aunt and I used to draw and make clothes for our Katy Keene cut out dolls. These are very fond memories.

The question is...would I buy dolls based on these dear memories? Integrity's announcement says, "the new Katy Keene collector doll line promises to bring something exciting for all of her fans, old and new alike."
Well I'm old and I was a fan. This is going to be really interesting.

It would be cool if Katy's fashions were vintage as she began in the 1950's, kind of like Gene Marshall.  Will she have a body like the women of that day had? That includes breasts, hips, thighs, arms with some meat on them.  Or will she be a stick figure?

There was no mention in the preview announcement as to whether or not she will be 12" or 16".  I know a lot of collectors who would love her to be produced in 16".

Are you not familiar with Katy Keene? I'm going to guess there are many who collect FR dolls who aren't.

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