Tonner Doll Company Event 8/9/08

The preview of the Devereaux Sisters Doll line also saw the presentation of many other new dolls. This was eye candy! Clicking on the link will take you to a collection of images taken by me at the Tonner Store today. A review of the two available outfits, La Vie en Rose and Cacao Noir will follow later this week.
LINK: Tonner Event Images


Fashion Royalty W Club Exclusive Moods Collection

To our surprise we have been offered a choice of not one but two dolls and several fashions and accessories! The dolls will have the last of the original Veronique face mold. That's sad because I don't think she can be improved upon. These re-do's should be named as new dolls and just let the retired gals rest in peace.
Anyhoo....here are official Integrity pictures of the options. (Used with permission from IT.)

"Body Double" - (Tan Brunette Veronique)
She is gorgeous.

"Blond Ambition" Veronique Perrin (Platinum Blonde)
Reminds me of Flirtatious Vero.

"Starry Night" Moods Wardrobe Fashion

"French Dressing" Deluxe Accessory Pack

Luxe Finish Accessory Set

I will be ordering everything except the platinum Veronique. I don't care for her hair. The prices are reasonable and it seems that everyone in the club is happy. That's a first!

Right now I have 10 Veros in my collection and all of them are older issues. I have them all on tall bodies but originally most of them were on straight arm bodies. My goal with them is to get them all eye-lashed! I love eyelashes. I will have to do a post honoring the soon to be retired Veronique. For many, she was the first Fashion Royalty doll they ever saw and the one that got them started with these dolls.


Natalia Back to Black - IFDC Convention Fashion Royalty Doll

It's Natalia appropriately named Back to Black. The convention theme was Woodstock '69, rock 'n roll, hippies, etc. So here we have Natalia with a huge Afro-styled 'do fronted by a brass Wonder Woman headband. She is wearing a Wonder Woman cuff bracelet as well. Her eyemakeup is reminiscent of La Liz' in Cleopatra. Actually, I like it but not the hair. The gown is a revealing, snug-fitting, sparkly thing. I love the beaded chain belt. From other photos, it looks like the shoes are gold. There is also a wrap or something that appears to be a wrap. Can't tell cuz it's wrapped.
Official Integrity image posted here with permission.

There are a great deal of mixed reviews and reactions about Back to Black. Much of it is negative and/or neutral. Mixed in is a lot of relief at not liking the doll because it saves money. LOL
I find it odd that 800 of these dolls were produced when usually a convention doll is limited to 400 or less. The higher number makes her less valuable in the eyes of many. Convention dolls usually sell for $375 & up right after a convention. This doll is available for as low as $220 and it's only 2 days old. (Added on August 14: Price of doll has dropped to $5. above retail.)

Because there was no companion doll produced for IFDC this year, attendees were able to purchase several of these dolls for $150 each. I'm hoping to get the fashion only - but I'll wait because there will be a glut of these dolls and as seen recently, there are big price drops happening with recently issued FR dolls.

It's my opinion that Integrity should withdraw Fashion Royalty dolls altogether from any convention other than those they put on themselves. It's hard to accept that Jason didn't have time to produce a companion doll. The IFDC organizer said, "You roll with the punches." I'd like to know what he really thought.

I wish them all well.