Fashion Royalty W Club Exclusive Moods Collection

To our surprise we have been offered a choice of not one but two dolls and several fashions and accessories! The dolls will have the last of the original Veronique face mold. That's sad because I don't think she can be improved upon. These re-do's should be named as new dolls and just let the retired gals rest in peace.
Anyhoo....here are official Integrity pictures of the options. (Used with permission from IT.)

"Body Double" - (Tan Brunette Veronique)
She is gorgeous.

"Blond Ambition" Veronique Perrin (Platinum Blonde)
Reminds me of Flirtatious Vero.

"Starry Night" Moods Wardrobe Fashion

"French Dressing" Deluxe Accessory Pack

Luxe Finish Accessory Set

I will be ordering everything except the platinum Veronique. I don't care for her hair. The prices are reasonable and it seems that everyone in the club is happy. That's a first!

Right now I have 10 Veros in my collection and all of them are older issues. I have them all on tall bodies but originally most of them were on straight arm bodies. My goal with them is to get them all eye-lashed! I love eyelashes. I will have to do a post honoring the soon to be retired Veronique. For many, she was the first Fashion Royalty doll they ever saw and the one that got them started with these dolls.


  1. I ordered all of the moods collection
    but body double is my favorite

  2. Véronique is my favourite FR character : she looks simple and smart at the same time.

    I think "Body Double" has a bit of a cabaret style.