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FDQ New Exclusive: "J'Adore" Gene Marshall

The long awaited second resin BJD J'Adore Gene will be available for order on the FDQ website on Saturday, July 6, 2013. That's tomorrow, kids!

I can't wait to get my hands on this doll, to see her fashions and to play. Phoenix was a dream to photograph and this gal will be, too.  Link is coming soon and I'll publish it on Facebook.

There's no need to buy the magazine to order the doll but why not? Inside the Autumn 2013 issue, which ships on July 10, you will find great writing, great photography, interviews, coverage of events and so much more. This is the table of contents.

08 Letter from the Editor
13 Mens’ POV, by Ian Price
16 Newsfront: Barbie Sells Her Dreamhouse
20 Events: Angelic Dreamz Luncheon
22 Events: Tonner Con: The Age of Innocence
26 Artist Q&A: Emilia Couture
By Terri Gold
33 Artist Profile: Digital Age Bombshell
By Ernesto PadrĂ³-Campos
36 Flashback: Wilkommen Petra
By Rosanna Varricchio
96 Last Look: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

40 The Literate Doll (And Its Owner)
By Paul Bruce
44 Book Looks, by Ian Price
50 Literature Becomes The Muse
By Larraine Elcock
56 J’Adore Mlle. Marshall! The Story
Behind our Latest Exclusive
60 Great Heroines of Literature
By Pat Henry
78 Eclectic Collector: A Dal Visits Middle-earth
By Jane Easterly
89 Pretty Prose: Sewing Circle of Friends
By Larraine Elcock
92 Studios That Work, Part 2
By Dot Festeu

66 Look Book: Inspired by 50
Designers You Should Know,
By Alexandra Forbes
72 Poppy Parker’s Pajamarama!
By Denise Jefferson

90 Honey West: P.I., Includes Paper Doll! By Glenn Mielke of Infadoll

 Pat Henry just posted these images on FaceBook:

It keeps getting better!
Click here to see More pictures on Studio Commissary.