"Flawless" Elise FR2 Models "Metropolitan"

Finally, after a 3-1/2 month wait, my replacement Elise  head arrived and she's looking so much better than the one I got originally.
Her hair was banded with a cellophane strip to  keep it flat and arranged properly. It worked. Bangs on dolls are very difficult if not done with a wig. They just don't want to be straight and flat like real bangs.

I wasn't going to buy any of the separately available FR2 fashions but I wound up buying all three of them eventually. The last one I got is Metropolitan. I saw it on someone else's doll and it looked much better than the promo. Marl had it on sale for $85. Unfortunately her shipping is rather pricey but it got here fast and in perfect condition.

The ensemble consists of the mauve jumpsuit, a black belt, humongous pink rhinestone stud earrings, multiple tiny bangles (not shown), a black patent handbag and navy blue patent shoes. I added the ring and bracelet.
Elise is gorgeous.
The jumpsuit's construction is not up to the standards of the rest of the FR2 items. I think it may be the choice of fabric that is causing some of the problem. The legs do not lay correctly. If the fabric were heavier, the drape would be better. I pulled the legs straight down prior to taking pictures and it didn't help. They stayed rippled.
I don't know if pressing will help as they were pressed in the factory because there is a pressed crease at the front of the legs. I will try pressing when I remove it from this doll.
It's not the most flattering fashion for this beauty and someone else will be wearing it soon.


Aria Plastic Inevitable Doll Arrives

You know you are in trouble when you can't remember what dealer you ordered what doll from and a doll arrives from a dealer but you thought you were getting it from a different dealer. Oy.

Anyway, Aria arrived today and she is gorgeous. I don't know if I will be keeping her so I'm not deboxing until I've decided. She and Auden are the only two Dynamite Dolls I ordered this season. Auden is coming from another dealer. I had to look that up.

I think Aria is the most beautiful of all the DGs. 
Her lips and eye makeup are stunning. 
Her streaked/blended hair is fabulous with her tan skin.
I think I'm talking myself into  keeping her. 

Couldn't resist this:


Bratz vs. Barbie?

I'm not sure it's even a contest but according to CNN Money and writer, Parija Kavilanz, Bratz are poised for a big comeback.
For the last few years, Mattel was embroiled in legal battles with the designer of the Bratz dolls and the final verdict went against Mattel to the surprise of many.  Isaac Larian, CEO of Bratz-maker MGA Entertainment had previously said that in spite of the victory, the actions against the company caused stores to lose confidence in the line thereby successfully destroying it. However, he seems to have had a reversal and has "said that he's pushing to try to get the Bratz franchise to where it once was."

Masquerade by Bratz, on store shelves by August

The Bratz Masquerade collection features a few boy character dolls, including "Vampire-Penn" and "Knight-Gable."

I hope these dolls are very successful. They were adorable and were actually my first foray into doll collecting! It was my collecting of Bratz that got me involved in internet dolls boards and it just took off from there. Watch this interesting video (after the brief ad). You will enjoy it.

Ficon as Seen on Prego

We had a treat this morning on Prego as Alexandra Forbes was playing with her Ficon dolls and posted some pictures.

Denimish Ficon

Lady F Ficon
Alexandra is a supremely talented photographer and is also the Creative Director of FDQ.
 Click on the logo below to go to her fantastic website where you can see more of her work.


Regarding Ficon Dolls...if you haven't seen the site lately...there is a lovely doll called Spa Basic. She is calling me.  If you would like to send me one, I would be more than happy to provide a loving home for her. 
Spa Basic comes dressed as shown and brings along her own basket of towels! She also comes with lace underwear and changeable towels. LE50. $430.
Ficon Doll Photo of Spa Basic


Robert Tonner is interview and introduces the very first releases of Tyler Wentworth. He shows the dolls and the outfits. This video is pure gold! Mel Odom appears and you might see some other well known doll people in the background. 


Seen on "That's My Foto!" A Tip from Mel Odom

On my friend MJ's blog, That's My Foto!, is a great tip from Mel Odom concerning doll photography. Click on the photo to go to the article.



Now Available for pre-order at Angelic Dreamz.

Spottted at the Pink Parlor: Liberte´, egalite´, fraternite´

Posted by angelcollector87 today on the Pink Parlor is her re-imagined Eugene Delacroix painting of a scene from the French Revolution.

Wow! How much fun is this? Fabulous work!
Below is a reproduction of the original 1830 painting entitled La Liberte´ guidant le peuple

Factoid: According to Wikipedia - The painting inspired the Statue of Liberty in NYC which was given to the United States as a gift from the French only 50 years after Liberty Leading the People had been painted. The statue, which holds a torch in its hand, takes a more stable, immovable stance than the woman in the painting. (OT: Perhaps they never saw Ghostbusters.)

That's one big doll!

A Photoshoot: Misaki, Poppy, Monogram

I recently acquired a maimed Pure Evil Misaki doll for a good price. I'm a sucker for curly blonde hair. She lived for a while with her broken off forearm taped to the rest of her arm during which time I hunted down a matching body. Now while I wait for her original outfit to show up, she is trying out an Azone fashion entitled Ruban de fe`ee.  There's no evil here.

The Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Night Out doll has finally given up her suit for a more summer friendly ensemble. This doll is a delight to photograph. Her eyes are gorgeous.

Monogram Magnificent was all too happy to grab Bergdorf's suit. I've taken her braid-wrapped bun down and just kept the pony tail. More work will have to be done...but you can't see any of that anyway so why am I telling you?
The hat is by my friend Cisca from The Netherlands.


A Captain Jack Sparrow Repaint from My Immortals

Susan sent me a link to her repaint of Tonner's Captain Jack Sparrow and when I first looked at it I thought it was a photograph of a real man! This is spectacular! Click on the image below to go to Susan's website.