A Photoshoot: Misaki, Poppy, Monogram

I recently acquired a maimed Pure Evil Misaki doll for a good price. I'm a sucker for curly blonde hair. She lived for a while with her broken off forearm taped to the rest of her arm during which time I hunted down a matching body. Now while I wait for her original outfit to show up, she is trying out an Azone fashion entitled Ruban de fe`ee.  There's no evil here.

The Bergdorf Goodman Fashion Night Out doll has finally given up her suit for a more summer friendly ensemble. This doll is a delight to photograph. Her eyes are gorgeous.

Monogram Magnificent was all too happy to grab Bergdorf's suit. I've taken her braid-wrapped bun down and just kept the pony tail. More work will have to be done...but you can't see any of that anyway so why am I telling you?
The hat is by my friend Cisca from The Netherlands.


  1. Gorgeous photos! Love them all, but Poppy would have to be my fave!

  2. Please post pics of the monogram with her hair down if you can.