"Flawless" Elise FR2 Models "Metropolitan"

Finally, after a 3-1/2 month wait, my replacement Elise  head arrived and she's looking so much better than the one I got originally.
Her hair was banded with a cellophane strip to  keep it flat and arranged properly. It worked. Bangs on dolls are very difficult if not done with a wig. They just don't want to be straight and flat like real bangs.

I wasn't going to buy any of the separately available FR2 fashions but I wound up buying all three of them eventually. The last one I got is Metropolitan. I saw it on someone else's doll and it looked much better than the promo. Marl had it on sale for $85. Unfortunately her shipping is rather pricey but it got here fast and in perfect condition.

The ensemble consists of the mauve jumpsuit, a black belt, humongous pink rhinestone stud earrings, multiple tiny bangles (not shown), a black patent handbag and navy blue patent shoes. I added the ring and bracelet.
Elise is gorgeous.
The jumpsuit's construction is not up to the standards of the rest of the FR2 items. I think it may be the choice of fabric that is causing some of the problem. The legs do not lay correctly. If the fabric were heavier, the drape would be better. I pulled the legs straight down prior to taking pictures and it didn't help. They stayed rippled.
I don't know if pressing will help as they were pressed in the factory because there is a pressed crease at the front of the legs. I will try pressing when I remove it from this doll.
It's not the most flattering fashion for this beauty and someone else will be wearing it soon.


  1. She is beautiful, Terri..so glad it worked out.

    I love her in this outfit!

    Have a great day!