Bratz vs. Barbie?

I'm not sure it's even a contest but according to CNN Money and writer, Parija Kavilanz, Bratz are poised for a big comeback.
For the last few years, Mattel was embroiled in legal battles with the designer of the Bratz dolls and the final verdict went against Mattel to the surprise of many.  Isaac Larian, CEO of Bratz-maker MGA Entertainment had previously said that in spite of the victory, the actions against the company caused stores to lose confidence in the line thereby successfully destroying it. However, he seems to have had a reversal and has "said that he's pushing to try to get the Bratz franchise to where it once was."

Masquerade by Bratz, on store shelves by August

The Bratz Masquerade collection features a few boy character dolls, including "Vampire-Penn" and "Knight-Gable."

I hope these dolls are very successful. They were adorable and were actually my first foray into doll collecting! It was my collecting of Bratz that got me involved in internet dolls boards and it just took off from there. Watch this interesting video (after the brief ad). You will enjoy it.


  1. I think the Bratz are cute! I recently found a Jade Bratz from 2004(?) and a Bratz boy of the same vintage in the back of a closet. They are wearing adorable British Punk outfits. Glad they weren't purged with the rest of my Bratz stuff. They had the BEST play sets -- still have my Sushi Bar and Phone booth of similar vintage.


  2. @Laura: I sold everything Bratz. I was thinking about them this morning and they had some really adorable outfits.

  3. Looks good but i hate how they keep making up new people.

  4. yeah ;D keep on doin' the girls with the passion for fashion !!! I mean cloe jade yasmin and sasha!!! they are the only bratz to me! I hope that it isn't gonna happen like it happened to baywatch! The baywatch Hawai camed and now there isnt even mich left!!! DO MORE THE ORIGINAL BRATZ! THE GIRLS WITH THE PASSION FOR FASHION! CLOE JADE YASMIN AND SASHA! from: 12 years old girl hwo is never gonna grow past the Bratz! ;D

  5. i love bratz i'am 14 years old and i still love them 2 death XD

  6. These particular masquerade dolls I call Illuminati dolls as they all kind of look satanic to me and the picture where they are all standing on a checkered floor? How appropriate for mind control.. hum?