Homage to Vanessa

Here is a picture of every Vanessa in my collection.  A few have been re-rooted. One is a duplicate who has been repainted and re-rooted.  There are a few I have never redressed.
—Do you have a favorite Vanessa?
—Which is your favorite picture?

Pictures have been posted in a small size but you can click on each to enlarge.

True Royalty
AFL Platinum
Shock Bon Bon
Runway Ready
Poesie Sans Couleur
Intoxicating Mix
AFL Raven
Pale Fire
High Tide
Color Therapy
Cruise Control
Flame Blue
Going Places
High Tide
In Bloom
Luxe Life
Metal Maven
Miami Glow
Night Warrior
Obsidian Society
Shirred Not Shaken
I never realized there were so many redhead Vanessas! The last two pictures are not the same doll although the appearance is remarkably similar.

The New Veronique Dolls aka Fauxnique

Shuga Shug posted beautiful photos of the new dolls today. She has graciously given me permission to post them here.
What do you all think of this new sculpt?

 I think it's a lovely-looking doll but it's not Veronique. The next issue of this gal will have applied eyelashes. I think they were testing the waters by not putting lashes on her. My favorite of the two is the raven-haired one. I like the color of her lips and her blue eyes.



May our Japanese friends find the aid and safety they need in the hours and days that follow this latest display of Mother Earth's power.


Therefore will we not fear, though the earth do change, and though the mountains be moved into the heart of the seas; 
Though the waters thereof roar and foam, though the mountains shake at the swelling thereof. Selah

Excerpted from Psalms 46: 2-11  


More Runway Fashions Reinterpreted for Dolls

Posted by Corvas:

               Interesting that two dresses can be so similar yet be so close in time of release. 
Designers thinking alike?
                True Blues Integrity Toys 2011   Burberry Prorsum Spring 2011 RTW

          An inspired hairstyle. I hope it turns out as well or better as the promo.
          Malicious Integrity Toys 2011   Jean Paul Gaultier Fall 2010 (Hairstyle)


Let's Make A Deal ~ Doll Sales

—Beginning March 11, 2010, the BFC is having a 25% off sale sitewide!

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—Cherished Friends New Jersey store is having a clearance sale which includes Urban Elements dressed dolls, Tonner's Firefly, Rini Fashions, Neo Cissy, DC Stars 13" Dolls, Alex styled by Jason Wu, Disney collection, Senson 12" dolls, Ginny and Tiny Betsy McCall, Wizard of Oz Collection, Miss Piggy, Flexi-Pose and more!
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—Today through March 20, 2011 Angelic Dreamz is offering the following :
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 As always, check your prices. Add in the shipping and tax to calculate your final cost before clicking the ORDER button. I just report; I don't guarantee.

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Fashion Doll Agency Haute Couture Renaissance Collection

FDA has come a very, very long way since the introduction of their mannequin Petra. I just received an email with a PDF file showing their 10 new entirely handcrafted unique pieces. These doll and their fashions are spectacular. Here are a few.

For more information contact FashionDollAgency


Barbie Basics Collection 2.5 on Pivotal Bodies

Finally, what so many collectors have been asking for, Barbie Basics with Pivotal bodies. This collection was announced on the BFC last month but for those who still can't find the new forum or do not belong to the BFC, here are the pictures which can be found at Angelic Dreamz. These items can be pre-ordered there. Click on the images to see larger versions.

Models #4, 8 and 14. Due in June, 2011.
Basics Look #2 Accessories and Shoe Packs. Due June, 2011
There is no information as to whether or not there will be other dolls in this collection. I think this will be the most popular collection of all. Everyone wants articulated low-priced bodies.

NUMINA SEN by Paul Pham

 SEN ~ Paul Pham

OK...Everyone can start breathing again.

This is the latest addition to Paul Pham's Numina line. I am posting Paul's complete letter here:

Hello everyone,

Most of you probably have already seen the pictures of Sen I've
posted on Prego and my website. Just writing to fill in some
information for those curious and those attending the convention.

Sen (vietnamese for "lotus") is a very limited artist edition
fully painted, sueded, and dressed by myself with a beautiful wig I
commissioned from PattaArt. Makeup consists of shades of smoky plum
framing grey eyes and complimented with luscious coral lips. She wears
a cape of black silk taffeta overlaid in gold chantilly lace and sequins
with a small cascade of hand dyed and gathered silk tulle. Underneath
this is a top of black sequined/beaded lace and a black snakeskin
brocade pant, hand appliqued with gold chantilly lace at the hem. Her
accessories include 2 sterling silver gold plated bracelets, a sterling
silver gold plated circlet with removable beribboned "lotus" flowers and
finally gold riveted platform mules.

This LE10 Sen will be a PRE-ORDER at the festival. I've been
working on this edition since January and unfortunately things always
seem to take longer than anticipated, but I've put much effort and
sumptuous material into Sen---hopefully you can see this in the pictures
and for those attending, you can see in person. She will be worth the
wait, I assure you. And its not much of a long wait, she will ship in
late April to those who have the opportunity to purchase her.

As with the previous years there will be a lottery, anyone
interested will be given a signed and numbered ticket at 11am on Sunday
March 13th. The lottery will be held at noon and the winning numbers
will be laid out on the table.

Sen will be 800Euro or 1100USD, but since it is a pre-order only a
50% deposit will be needed that Sunday via cash or Paypal. Contact and
address information will be taken from the winners and the balance will
be invoiced upon shipping.

Once again thank you so very much for the most heartening interest
in Sen and I hope to see some of you in Paris.
Sincerely, Paul  [http://dollcis.com/wordpress/?page_id=10]


Beautiful Styling by Rebecca Berry

Rebecca Berry aka raberry on the doll boards has posted lovely photographs of her Dark Swan Elise redressed. Although these dolls have a new body type, they do fit into existing fashions. You just have to try. Today I got a early pair of Erin's pants onto Elise. They look great.
Here are Rebecca's photos. You can see more on her Flickr site.

Rebecca is a former Picture of the Week Award winner.


All they did was shut her mouth?

Word has come down from above that all the Integrity Toys designers did to the Vanessa sculpt was shut her mouth. It was also stated that bad photography was the cause of the puffiness and apparent lack of cheekbones. Hmmm...that's EXACTLY what I said on  2/27/11. 

And it's hilarious in light of the fact that the liaisons at the W Club forum have shut the Vanessa threads down, too.

Mulder and Sculley in shock at the new IT 2011 line.
Did you see the X-Files episodes with the aliens whose mouth and eyes were sewn shut? Shudder.

 What I saw was sabotage:  disruption, treachery...
Lt. Valeris: Four-hundred years ago, on the planet Earth, workers who felt their livelihood threatened by automation, flung their wooden shoes, called sabot, into the machines to stop them . . . hence the word: sabotage.

This image means nothing:

Ana from Portugal posted an interesting Vanessa vs Fauxnessa composite.