Elise Trifecta

I ought to be cleaning and doing yoga but taking pictures of dolls is so much more appealing. Today I took all three Elise dolls into my studio for a photo shoot. Click on the images to see larger versions.

Do you have a favorite?
 In the photos of Flawless, I had to Photoshop out some of the hair defects which, I'm hoping, will be gone on the new head I'm going to get from IT.

Blue Blood Elise Jolie  2009 Convention Souvenir. She is not on an FR2 body.
I still have not changed her from her original fashion because I think she's just perfection.

Dark Swan Elise Jolie  The W Club Luncheon 2009 Centerpiece is wearing the new FR2 Fashion, Only Natural. I have added Knife Edge bracelets and a Purse of the Month handbag. I am considering cutting her hair to shoulder length and curling the ends. She is very sparsely rooted and needs some filler.
I sold her original black outfit as I didn't think it flattered her.
Dark Swan's huge braid was opened and her hair is tied back except for the shorter pieces. 
 Flawless Elise Jolie  I have added a feathery hat.
Balancing on her own. Don't try this at home without caution.
She sits beautifully! A Wonderful improvement.
Ring fits on separated fingers!
Uber-scaled earrings.
This is a really sucky picture but it shows the back of the dress bodice and boots.
Fabulous footwear.


  1. My favourite is "Blue Blood"; I love her make-up, stalkings, hairdo... everything! I can't help to think about Siouxsie Sioux when I look at her face; LOL.
    I like "Flawless", but "Red Swan" has an overdose of reddish/orange among her eyes, lips and hair. Their make up have been simplified...It's obvious 'IT' didn't care about these dolls as much as the previous one...

    I'm always expecting your reviews; thank you.
    Christie H.

  2. Even though I got Flawless, and she'll be having a gorgeous reroot, I think I still prefer Blue Blood... Love her bigger eyes!! They have put her eyes smaller in the newer editions (and it's not only an eye trick because of the eyeshadow color)...

  3. Hi!
    I wonder where you get such a shoes to your doll?

    e-mail: britt@fingerborgen.se

  4. @Britt
    The shoes came with the dressed doll.